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Vulpine is 5!

2017 sees Vulpine celebrate our fifth year. To celebrate the occasion, we got together with like minded brands that share our passion for detail, craft, creativity and quality, to create a series of limited edition birthday presents for us, and for you.

Limited Edition Illustration Tees

Daniel Frost: Joy

We love the word Joy. It’s a hugely powerful, addictive, pure concept. It doesn’t sit on the fence, you can’t ignore it, and you can’t hate it. We want to share joy in everything we do, every ride we go on and every choice that we make.

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Pâté: Every Cyclist is a Good Cyclist

Whatever bike you ride, however fast, as long as you don't ruin it for the rest of us, you're welcome.

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Tom Clohosy Cole: Night Rider

Pedalling through the city streets as the sun goes down.

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Joe Waldron: City Cyclist

Mix up your routes, get lost, discover new places and explore your city.

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Ella Kookoo: How to be a cyclist?

Our rules on how to be a cyclist are simple: Ride a bike. Any bike. However you like.

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It's a statement of where we think cycling is going, and certainly where we want to take it. We’re not just here to make nice (really nice, ahem) clothes. We want to change cycling on a grand scale, to change lives. Why? Well who doesn’t want to share the thing they love? Cycling can better us all, making us (humanity as a whole, seriously) not just physically healthier, but as we all in the Inner Circle of Riding Bikeness know, can improve our outlook, make us happy and expand our creativity. Cycling changes cultures, communities and histories. It's also a chance to share more stories around these amazing collaborations that we've been working on to mark our fifth year. 

Those of you who've already received one, we hope you've been enjoying reading it. They'll be going out in all orders, and available to pick up at Workshop Coffee in London. Look out for the stories online over the coming months too!

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Vulpine x Private White VC