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The Harrington Jacket

The Vulpine Harrington Rain Jacket combines an iconic 1950's British style classic with performance fabrics and features to protect you from the elements.

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A Brief History of the Harrington

First made in the 1930s by the British clothing company Baracuta of Stockport, Greater Manchester, their 'G9' Jacket shot to fame in the 50s, when it was worn by James Dean in the film Rebel Without a Cause, and 3 years later Elvis Presley in his 1958 film King Creole. It was in the 1960s when the jacket received it's nickname "Harrington", after it was worn by Ryan O'Neal as Rodney Harrington in the primetime soap Peyton Place.

The name stuck, and the Harrington became the jacket of choice for mods, skinheads & scooterboys, as well as icons including Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra & Paul Newman.


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Cut & Fit

There's pleated shoulders to allow warm air to escape, waist adjusters and scalloped sleeves shaped for riding. Length in the back & sleeves, and width in the shoulders gives comfort while riding, and height in the collar keeps out cold drafts.

Magnets, Zips & Poppers

We use magnets & poppers to close the neck and rear pocket flap, avoiding untidy, noisy velcro or fiddly buttons when riding. Our zips are robust, waterproof & windproof YKK zips, & the main front zip is two-way.


It's the little details that make our Harrington Jackets so good. Reflectivity on the rear waist adjusters is subtle, but shines brightly when lit.


Made in Britain Waxed Harrington Jacket

Handmade in Blackburn, Great Britain, this tartan-lined, washable, waxed cotton version of our ever popular mod-style Harrington jacket, is a must-have water resistant layer for anyone who ventures beyond their front door.

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