Size Guide


Vulpine’s sizing is based around average, reasonably fit people. It should match the size you’d choose on the high street, not a cycling racing brand. Brands tend to have wildly varying sizing policies. Ours is “real”.


Trousers & Shorts

Your favourite jeans size is always a good guide.


Measure around your natural waistline, mid way between belly button and bottom of your rib cage. Keep the tape comfortably loose, level and breath out.

Inside leg:

Measure from the top of your inside leg at crotch point, down to your anklebone. You may need someone to hold the tape at your anklebone. They could hold it at your crotch…that’s up to you, and them.


 WAIST inchesWAIST cmLEG cm
XS 26-28" 66-71cm 82cm 87cm
S 28-30" 71-76cm 82cm 87cm
M 30-32" 76-81cm 82cm 87cm
L 32-34" 81-86cm 82cm 87cm
XL 34-36" 86-91cm 82cm 87cm
XXL 36-38" 91-96cm 82cm 87cm


 WAIST inchesWAIST cmLEG cm
XS 24-26" 61-66cm 77cm
S 26-28" 66-71cm 77cm
M 28-30" 71-76cm 77cm
L 30-32" 76-81cm 77cm
XL 32-34" 81-86cm 77cm

Jackets & Tops

Vulpine tops have a “casual fitted” cut. They’re looser, but more fitted than non-cycling fashion tops. 

HOY Vulpine jerseys are cut for aerodynamics and are skin tight. Check the description though, as some are tight (e.g. Senko) and others more forgiving (e.g. Sportive).


Measure around the fullest part of your chest, keep the tape level, under your arms and breath naturally. Don't tense!


 CHEST inchesCHEST cm
XS 34-36" 86-91-cm
S 36-38" 91-96cm
M 38-40" 96-101cm
L 40-42" 101-107cm
XL 42-45" 107-114cm
XXL 45-48" 114-122cm


 CHEST inchesCHEST cms
XS 30-32" 76-81cm
S 32-34" 81-86cm
M 34-36" 86-91cm
L 36-38" 91-96cm
XL 38-40" 96-101cm

Caps & Hats

Measure horizontally around the widest part of your head, above your ears.
A quick tip…Most people think they have a large or a small head, but we find almost everyone is a medium. Years of experience. Promise! 

CIRCUMFERENCE <57cm 57-61cm >61cm


Socks are very stretchy, so there’s some wiggle room here.
Washed merino socks will seem to shrink when washed. Don’t worry, they haven’t. Just stretch back or iron.

UK Size 3-6 6-8 8-10 10-12
EU Size 34-38 38-42 42-44 44-48
US Size 4-7 7-9 9-11 11-13


Hand Circumference:

Measure around your knuckles, excluding your thumb, at the fullest part of your hand.

Hand Length:

Measure from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your hand where it meets the wrist.

CIRCUMFERENCE inches 6-6.5" 7-7.5" 8-8.5" 9-9.5" 10-10.5"
CIRCUMFERENCE cm 15-16.5cm 17.5-19cm 20-21.5cm 22.5-24cm 25-26.5cm
LENGTH inches 6-6.5" 7-7.5" 8-8.5" 9-9.5" 10-10.5"
LENGTH cm 15-16.5cm 17.5-19cm 20-21.5cm 22.5-24cm 25-26.5cm

Arm Warmers & Leg Warmers

These are unisex sizes.

Arm Warmers

ARM OPENING CIRCUMFERENCE cm <27cm 27-29cm >29cm
LENGTH cm 49.5cm 51cm 52.5cm

Leg Warmers

LEG OPENING CIRCUMFERENCE cm <37cm 37-39cm >39cm
LENGTH cm 49.5cm 51cm 52.5cm