The Nightfall Commute Jacket

The Nightfall Jacket is waterproof, breathable, well vented, subtly styled & features our unique reflective print. A stylish choice for effective reflective apparel - you CAN have commuting safety and style.

Waterproof & Breathable

Made from fabric which is rated 10k for both breathability and waterproofing, you'll be comfortable when riding in the Nightfall Jacket, no matter what the weather. The inside of the jacket has a jersey lining too, for ultimate cosiness.

Stylish Reflectivity

Reflectivity when city cycling with style on and off the bike has finally been achieved. Our nightfall jacket features a unique reflective print the jacket's abstract print which blends into the design by day, but pings out brightly when lit at night.

Cycling Fit

Shaped for cycling with scalloped cuffs, room in the shoulders and a dropped hem at the back. Vents on the sides and back allow warm air to escape while riding, preventing that 'boil in the bag' feeling.

Attention to Detail

There's reinforced abrasion resistant patches on the shoulders for your rucksack, plus plenty of pockets including one on the sleeve with a caribener clip for your keys, and an internal pocket for keeping you phone safe too.

To celebrate the launch of the Nightfall Jacket, we gathered a group of fellow cyclists & friends to explore the city by night.