Jeans, Trousers & Shorts

Men's Urban Cycling Jeans, Trousers & Shorts

Urban cycling trousers, jeans and shorts. Made from high performance fabrics and carefully constructed for stylish performance in any kind of weather.

Keen cyclists will already be aware of the effects of sitting on a bicycle for hours at a time so will know the importance of a comfortable pair of trousers or shorts. Here at Vulpine, we have a fabulous selection of stylish yet comfortable men’s rain trousers and shorts as well as padded boxers for the ultimate in comfort.

Your enjoyment on a bike will be significantly improved when you have the right clothing, and our range of men’s trousers and shorts will suit most tastes and preferences. Our Urban Jeans Comfort Bundle combines a pair of our incredibly comfortable cycling jeans made from a high-stretch material with a pair of extra-fine merino wool boxers for a stylish look. If you prefer shorts, we have a fantastic selection for you to choose from that includes Men’s Gravel Rain Shorts and Thermal Bib Shorts.

Our assortment of men’s trousers and shorts are available in sizes that range from extra-small to double XL, and in various colours. Manufactured from high-performance materials, you will find exactly what you are looking for right here at Vulpine.