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Working For Vulpine


Vulpine is a small cycling apparel company getting bigger, fast. We need help. Do not apply if you have difficulty coping with change or have rigid ideas about how things should be done. The only things rigid at Vulpine are our morals and ideals: To do right, to work hard, be kind and massively enthusiastic. Every job offer and promotion is based on merit, not office politics. Working here is great fun, often simply because so much happens at once. We take our work very seriously indeed, but not ourselves. We are of course an equal opportunities employer. And not just because we hate prejudice and snobbery. We want to be look back at what we've done with pride, to know we did it the best we could. 


PR & Social Media Manager. 

Full time. £30-35,000. 25 days holiday. Based in Wandsworth, London.

Intro by Nick Hussey, founder of Vulpine.

This is a role that I have huge affinity with. I wish I could do if I had the time! I did it all in the early days of Vulpine, but I had to hand it off. I love PR and social because its about people. I want to do it differently, as it often has a bad name, because its so riddled with corporate BS. This role should be incredibly exciting to the right person, because I want Vulpine to be REAL. Real people talking to real people, err, really. We have strong opinions, such as those on helmet wearing like this, we love cycling, hate snobbery, and will not simply ignore the naysayers. It's OUR brand, and we love it. You would need to get across just how good Vulpine is, the quality, detail, style and practicality, plus just how much we care and believe in what we do. We’re special, we’re different. You need to believe that too. This isn’t just a pay cheque. You MUST be a passionate cyclist of any kind with an open, warm heart. You need to be driven, love results, love people, and get excited about being part of something growing fast.

You would work directly with me, because I need to download to you my passion for the brand, and exactly what it means, and where I’m taking it. Once you’re up to speed you will be trusted to talk fluently to the world about Vulpine, publically on social media, and behind the scenes to journalists, bloggers, influencers and varied cycling cats. You will get results, such as reviews, rides and interviews. We are a cycling, fashion AND outdoors brand, for men and women. That breadth should excite you. We’re part of a new movement. We will feed you lots to talk about. Vulpine Cycling Fetes, film, opinion, beautiful images, creative projects, etc…Fun!!

You’d work within the marketing team, managed (but not micro managed) directly by me. I don’t want an ‘institutionalised’ PR person. You may have become disillusioned with that corporate BS. You may feel your talents are wasted in a too-careful business structure. You may want to work in cycling. You could be a journalist. But above all you ‘get’ the system, how information flows, and how we can cut through and be heard. You MUST have a demonstrable affinity with social media. 

Sound fun? It is. 




• To drive traffic.
• To increase trust and brand affinity.
• To increase the world’s awareness of Vulpine and the concept of urban cycling apparel.
The role is split into two parts:
1. PR 
• Work with Marketing/Nick to put in place a “hit-list” of offline & online publications, bloggers and Instagrammers that we would like to approach. This is to be reviewed at the beginning of every season or every quarter depending on what marketing activity is planned.
• Pro-actively reach out and build relationships with the most relevant people on our hit-list. The ultimate aim is to get you and/or Nick in front of them talking about the brand and upcoming plans for the business.
• Be in charge of the press gifting budget, and manage the sending of gifts to press.
• Manage all sample movement and work with Production to secure a PR sample set in advance of the launch of the collection to ensure we approach long-lead press in time.
• Regularly meet with Marketing to understand what is planned in the Marketing Calendar and how the PR strategy can fit around the planned activity.
• To be involved in campaign planning with the Marketing team, so that we have the best ideas, and PR gets what it needs.
• Organise rides with press, bloggers and influencers. 
2. Social Media Management
• To manage the content posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for Vulpine.
• This involves working with the Marketing Calendar to understand what the business is talking about as a whole at any point in time and adapt that for our social channels.
• To be witty, passionate and creative with our posts. Nick will provide a lot of guidance here. 
• To respond to comments quickly and engage positively with customers even if their post is negative. 
• To take part in social conversations that are already happening that we feel Vulpine should have an opinion on.
• To report on the effectiveness of our posting on a monthly basis in a Social/Marketing meeting (engagement, growth, positive/negative comments, traffic to website etc.)
• This role will not be responsible for social media advertising however there will be budget allocated for boosting posts.
• To work with Customer Service to ensure that order and product-related messages are answered in a timely and accurate fashion.

Please email Nick (me, hello) on jobs@vulpine.cc with something simple and persuasive. Include your CV or portfolio. With the best intentions, I won’t be able to reply to everyone. Good luck!