Urban Cycling Jeans

Comfortable, durable, high stretch urban cycling jeans. Since we launched these in AW16, they've become bestsellers & have received exceptional reviews.

Smart City Cycling

Forget about having to carry a change of clothes - go straight from your commute into a day of work with this smart city cycling outfit, and enjoy comfort and style on and off the bike.

Fifth Birthday

2017 sees Vulpine celebrate our fifth year. To celebrate the occasion, we got together with like minded brands that share our passion for detail, craft, creativity and quality, to create a series of limited edition birthday presents.

Extrafine Merino

Merino is pretty amazing stuff: exceptionally soft, but tough, it feels luxurious, performs brilliantly, and will last you for many years of riding, washing and wearing.

Seamless Range

New for 2017, we've introduced a range of seamless cycling clothes. Crafted in one piece means no chafing seams, just super soft, supportive & stylish workout wear.

Spring/Sumer 2017 Collection

2017 sees us celebrate our 5th Birthday. We've taken those five years of outstanding reviews and attention to detail, combining all our expertise with even higher quality fabrics and fine tuned fit this season.

Vulpine's Staff Picks

We asked some of the cyclists in the Vulpine team to share their favourite garments from the Autumn/Winter 2016 Vulpine & HOY Vulpine ranges. Find out which pieces they have loved wearing & riding in the most.

Nick's Christmas Cycling Gift Picks

Our annual list of cycling things by Vulpine's founder Nick, that you or a loved one may or may not ‘need’, but if you gave or received them, they would make you really happy.

Luxury Winter Collection

A set of luxurious, protective garments as at home in an urban bar as they are on the cold city streets. Stylish, high quality & functional.

Hero Garments

We believe in making timeless garments that will last you a lifetime. Quality clothes with excellent technical performance - that look great on & off the bike.

Ride & Arrive in Style

Vulpine create cycling apparel that means you can Ride & Arrive in Style. Don't choose between riding in comfort and looking great. Wear one outfit all day, for cycling, work and life (hot dates inclusive).

The Harrington

We took the British Mod style classic & adapted it to make the perfect urban cycling & work jacket. Discover Vulpine's Harrington range: the history, the styles, & the features.


We’ve created breathable, waterproof & water resistant cycling clothes that work hard in the wet, so you can arrive in style. This guide explains the technical ratings & details of our range.


Wear one outfit all day, for cycling, work and life. Discover our four launches of Autumn/Winter 2016: each stage catering for the different needs you face in your urban life, on the bike or off it.