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The Office

An important meeting in cycling clothing? No way. Tom doesn't reckon he's going to be taken seriously if he shows up in his cycle-wear. It's just not office appropriate, is it? Better take a change of clothes - actually, probably best to have a shower too. What a pain. You know what, he probably won't bother riding. It's less hassle to get on the train, even though he'd much rather ride to clear his head before this meeting. It wouldn't look good to turn up sweating and flustered though, would it?

An important meeting in cycling clothing? Tom knows that riding to work will clear his head, and he can go into his working day with confidence. Wearing a merino polo and tailored rain trousers, he knows he looks smart - and doesn't have the hassle of showering and getting changed when he arrives. The wonderful properties of extrafine merino keep him feeling (& smelling!) fresh all day, while his trousers are waterproof - should the weather take a turn for the worse. Outfit nailed, time to nail that meeting. No problem.

The Outfit

Men's British Cycling Mac

Made in Britain, our winter mac takes classic London style & adapts it for smart city cycling. Breathable, showerproof British Millerain fabric is opulent but tough. Corozo buttons & reflective tail split are all part of the superb detailing.


Men's Long Sleeve Extrafine Merino Polo

A classic polo shirt, tailored for urban cycling and working life. Cut from 100% Extrafine Merino Wool, for unrivalled quality, comfort, durability, and soft skin feel. Wonderful attention to detail, right down to the V-stitched buttons.


Men's Tailored Rain Trousers

The best smart cycling trousers for commuting and city life. Now in our own Italian Epic Cotton, with added stretch and durability. Water & wind resistant, breathable & cut for cycling, with 6 pockets and reflective turnups.