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The Date

Would you ride to a hot date?
Arrive sweating, in neon plastic. Get flustered trying to get changed discreetly - or attempt to seduce in said neon garments? Let's be honest, it's not going to go well. Tom doesn't fancy his chances anyway. He'd love to ride to a date - but cycling clothing just isn't appropriate for a nice meal in a fancy place.

Would you ride to a hot date?
Tom rides everywhere, and there's no way he's going to get on a crowded train just because he's off for a date in his favourite restaurant. An extrafine merino t-shirt paired with a cashmere merino sweater are stylish and will prevent unwanted smells, and his urban cycling jeans are so comfortable while riding - while also looking just as great when he's not.
He locks his bike outside and waves as he spots his date at the bar - he's feeling confident this evening.

The Outfit

Men's Half-Zip Merino Cashmere Jumper

With the rich, soft, luxury and hidden performance characteristics of Italian cashmere & merino, this is a wonderful urban cycling knit mid-layer. Real, super soft suede shoulder patches add toughness and style.


Men's Extrafine Merino T-Shirt

Extremely high quality 100% Pure Extrafine Merino Wool urban cycling T-shirt with wonderful against skin-feel. No odours, shrinking, scratching or anything, except comfort and style. Simple, classic & luxurious.


Men's Urban Cycling Jeans

The slim cut combined with stretch offers style and comfort, with outstanding attention to detail. Our diamond gusset prevents sitting on uncomfortable seams, and there's a reflective print on the driveside turnup.