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Vulpine's founder Nick shares his top gift picks for Christmas 2016.

Our annual list of cycling things that you or a loved one may or may not ‘need’, but if you gave or received them, they would make you really happy. But not as happy as unconditional love.

…Actually, they may be better than unconditional love….Hell, if I got all of these….wait, my wife is reading this over my shoulder. Lets move on.

The Escapist

Cabin in Norway for a month

This is my abiding fantasy. I fall asleep thinking about a wooden cabin, on top of a Norwegian mountain, the rain popping on the roof above. The iPhone is sinking to the bottom of a fjord. Just a bike, an open fire, a bottle of whisky, and a lot of novels to keep me company. For weeks. The ultimate escape from urbanity. We all need it.

Hunt 30 Carbon Gravel Disc Tubeless Ready Wheels

Some bombproof but gorgeous wheels are needed for Norway. And discs, for the weather and rigours of Norway’s beautiful terrain onslaught. These are from British chaps Hunt, and they’re absolutely spanking.

Penderyn Madeira Cask Welsh Whisky

Great whisky is needed for this trip. Go for Madeira Casked Penderyn. Scots don’t have a monopoly on amazing whisky (sorry Scots friends, sorry sorry). The madeira lends it wintery richness and dried fruit. Its spicy, with a long finish, and will go perfectly with your rainy cabin escape. Just don’t buy it in Norway. You could buy the cabin for less.

HOY Vulpine Randa Softshell Jacket

This won Bikes Etc rigourous Best in Test prize. Lightweight, warm, windproof, still cosy when (fairly) wet, massive rear pockets and a high neck to stop drafts. Its the perfect winter jacket. I mean that, its the best. I am very very very biased, but we made it to be the best, and nailed it. Proud.

The Urbanist

Men’s Tailored Rain Trousers

This season’s best seller at Vulpine, their reputation and recommendations from customers of these trews is what keeps them selling fast. Water will bead off in showers, they can get wet in torrential rain, but dry fast and always look smart. So many hidden features lie behind the classic city looks. Button drive-side ankle fastener, key carabiner, valuables pocket, reflective turnups. It goes on.

Workshop Coffee Brew Bundle

As you’re zipping about town, feeling generally hip and with it daddio, you’ll need coffee at a moment’s notice. Simply pull this out of your Laptop Commuter Backpack and ask for boiling water. Its a mini grinder, Aeropress & quality beans. Beware, the inevitable “Hipster” back handed compliment though.

Michaux Reflective Bar Tape

Rachel makes lovely leather cycling things in London. Her bar tape is beautifully designed with reflective spots, and finished with cork bar ends. What could be a finer final tweak?

Padded Extrafine Merino Underwear

Extend the comfort of your ride without the ‘Nappy Between Legs’ feeling with Extrafine Merino Undies, fitted with a slimmed down cycling pad for longer trips round the city. Add to Urban Cycling Jeans or Tailored Trousers for all day riding pressure relief. Wij’s annoyingly fine abdominals come separately.

The Aesthete

British Silk Scarf
& Pocket Square

Be it a L’Eroica expedition, swanky christmas party or cocktail based date, you need (‘need’) a silk scarf. They’re fast drying, odour resistant, warm and most importantly they look ludicrously dapper. Vulpine made there’s in Suffolk, England, for your sartorial xmas delight.


I’m not big on bike data. I don’t get enough time to ride, and when I do, I want to look around and enjoy the ride as an event for the senses. But sneakily I do kind of like whizzing dials. Brits in California, Julian & Rhys, recognised analogue lovers like me (heh, look, analogue is design sexy. Digital isn’t. I don’t know why. It just is) love things that have dials, and Omata was born. Be the first to own one.

Framebuilding Course with The Bicycle Academy

There’s little more satisfying than making your own bike, your way, from scratch. THAT is satisfying. Loveliest man in Somerset, Andrew Denham set up The Bicycle Academy to teach cyclists how to do exactly that, and demystify the process. Many of the most lauded framebuilders in the country started out here. Its an amazing 7 day course in delightful Frome. They have access to beer. Awesome.

Fizik Custom Aliante R3 Saddle

Saddles used to just come in black, white or Brooks brown. Now you can nail that perfect compliment to your own handbuilt bike with this online saddle builder by Fizik. Their Aliante shape is bang on for most people. Here’s a design I knocked up earlier.