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We make a range of technically advanced, finely detailed, everyday cycling clothing for men and women – apparel that meets all your needs while you're riding, and when you arrive too. We passionately believe that every ride on every kind of bike is beautiful.

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Nick & Emmalou Hussey launched Vulpine in 2012. Nick is a ex racing cyclist & bike obsessive since childhood, leading product design. Fascinated by British tailoring, they created a range of apparel that is comfortable & technical whilst riding, and subtly stylish at your destination, for all cyclists.


At Vulpine we are proud of everything we make: quality is non-negotiable. We take the finest, most technically advanced performance textiles, tailoring them for cycling and life. Outstanding attention to detail has gained us superb reviews. We don't just make beautiful things, they must work superbly, and be enjoyed by you for years.


Vulpine's design cues are born from the traditions of classic British tailoring. We have added our subtle cycling detailing to this heritage, creating beautifully functional cycling apparel. We obsess over features that work, with no gimmicks, whether it’s the perfect cycling cut, magnet closures or exact position of reflective trim.

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"Cycling is my life. Has been since 1986. Its never been better. But there’s so much more to do. I don’t just want to make things, I want to make cycling better. Therefore, that’s what Vulpine needs to do."

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Much imitated, the Vulpine Harrington Rain Jacket is our best known creation, perfectly blending a British style classic with cycling performance.

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