The Ultimate Guide To Urban Cycling

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Talk to somebody about cycling nowadays and the common images that spring up are of
LYCRA-CLAD FITNESS BUFFS pumping down dual carriageways or zooming round country lanes.

But cycling first began as a mode of urban transport, and still today the vast majority of cyclists are urban cyclists, wearing urban clothes. We’ve put together the comprehensive ultimate guide to urban cycling so you know what you’re doing and how best to do it when it comes to cycling around town.

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2016’s Best Imagery

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We hope that you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas, with much merriment, eating, and hopefully some riding too. 2016 has been an busy year at Vulpine, and before we head into an incredibly exciting 2017, we wanted to take a look back over the last year and share some of our favourite memories, and stunning imagery with you. Enjoy – and have a brilliant 2017!

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Why Vulpine Make The Best Merino Wool Cycling Clothing

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There’s a lot of it about you know? Merino wool. A LOT.

10 years ago it was pretty specialist outdoors stuff. Now, everyone is at it. But, just as A Bike isn’t automatically a A Great Bike, or A Cake isn’t necessary A Tasty Cake, A Merino Top isn’t always going to be A Great Merino Top.

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Meet Vulpine’s New Ambassadors

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Following our #VulpineRides competition, we announced our overall winners, and new Vulpine ambassadors last week – Pavel & Marina!  This week, we’ve interviewed them to find out more about their facinating lives travelling across Europe on their bikes, and making backpacks, accessories and apps for bike lovers as they go!

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#VulpineRides: Overall Winner Announced!

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Our #VulpineRides competition set you the brief to share with us your bike rides and cycling destinations, city and country, mountaintops and coffee shops: with the chance to win weekly prizes, and become our new Vulpine brand ambassador. We’ve had an incredible response over the past 9 weeks, so thank you to everyone that entered for sharing the fantastic photos of your cycling adventures.

The time has come to announce our overall winner, and new Brand Ambassador, selected from our 9 week winners. Drumroll please……!

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