Every Cyclist is a Good Cyclist

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Here at Vulpine, we passionately believe that whatever bike you ride, however fast, whomever you are, as long as you don’t ruin it for the rest of us, you’re welcome.


Cycling can be an intimidating place, full of cliques, unwritten rules and judgementalism. All of that is bollocks. If you want to ride a bike, ride it, enjoy freedom, and be happy. On your terms.

We commissioned photographer Alexander Rhind to spend a day taking portraits of London’s cyclists – a celebration of the extraordinary number and variety of riders pedalling through the capital.

Victoria, Mum & Artist
Gaz, Web Developer
Alejandro, Dad, with Emma
Kristin, Publishing
Adam, Barista
Jay, Soho Bikes Bike Engineer/Ecommerce
Dennie, Royal Academy of Dance Programme Manager
Toto, PA & Dan, IT Consultant
Isaac, International Trade
Adam, Finance Consultant
Gavino, Courier
Stella, Photographer
Ry Gessup, Homeslice Restaurant Owner
Mateusz, Bike Mechanic
Kim, Interior Architect
Esmee, Fashion Designer
Paul, Percival Clothing
Stephen, Lighting Designer
Jay, Singer/Musician
David, Artist & Anastasia, Writer
Hugh, Finance Manager


Thanks to all of the lovely cyclists that paused their rides for a photo. 💚

These portraits were featured in our SS17 magazine, celebrating Vulpine’s fifth birthday. Find out more here. If you’d like to get your hands on a copy, head to Workshop Coffee in London, or drop us a line on info@vulpine.cc. They’ll be going out in all orders too!

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