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There no better day than a NEW BIKE DAY!

5 years ago, to celebrate the launch of Vulpine, I collaborated with Ricky Feather of Feather cycles on this step, Campagnolo equipped road bike. Still so in love.


2017, and my love of steel is just as real. I love attention to detail, subtle innovation, high performance and real world comfort of British framebuilders. Much as I have used the same ideals for Vulpine’s apparel. We love frame building, six of my family’s eight bikes are steel. Hell, half our friends are framebuilders!

Last year we launched our Made in Britain range and shot it riding a pair of august Bicycles. I got to ride both and was taken aback by what Gavin Buxton of august, based in Norfolk, England, had achieved. They chimed perfectly with our design ideals. It turns out Gav and his wife Amy were already massive Vulpine fans. It was all falling into place. We needed to create something together.


To add to this, my wife Emmalou had recently left her job in music to manage Vulpine with me. She has always been the silent (read: not attention seeking) second founder of Vulpine and now, we can run things side to side. Its a dream come true (you don’t spend 21 years living together without knowing how to work with each other!). Apart from me, nobody understands Vulpine and what we are trying to achieve better than her. Plus we are as much a women’s as a men’s brand, and that is as much informed by her as me. We are equals in all, as is our brand.

With our 5th birthday coming up, it all fell into place. Vulpine x August bikes for us both, each reflecting our own individual styles of riding, but still very much a matching pair. Like the two of us…pass the sick bag.

Images4Images3 Images6


Emmalou? She’s a stylish urban rider, but also likes a bit of gravel action. She’s fearless but isn’t interested in the fitness side of cycling life. She’s not a high heels and tiara kind of girl. She’s mature but silly, tough by soft, feminine but you wouldn’t mess with her. She wanted a handsome but distinctly female bike. Something highly practical, high performance, but elegant.


She loves the low top tube mixte shape but hates the all too often low-end choices and ‘girly’ connotations they can bring. So Gav worked with her to make something that reflected a different vibe. The Handsome Mixte.

Stainless steel head tube, down tube & fork. Campagnolo Potenza silver, with his own innovative adaptation of Campag Time Trial bar-end shifters to elegant thumb-shifters. He hand built the wheels on polished Record hubs and we all decided upon Vulpine’s Made in Britain navy blue for the paint, with red highlights for a subtle, friendly British feel.



Me, I’m a bit of a lump, I go up stuff slow and down fast. I don’t care about the terrain, as long as I’m comfortable (I have six knackered discs in my back). We went for a kind of go-anywhere urban street fighter, where I can wang round corners, chuck it around dirt paths and even take it to Alpine switchback descents. Its my ultimate descending, traffic gobbling, do everything road but gravel etc bike. The Aggro Urban Road bike.



An absolute must for me was disc brakes. I used to race MTB as well as road (badly) and I’m very firmly pro road hydraulic disc brakes. I love hard braking and tight leaning for corners, its my cheap thrill, and I love riding in crappy conditions, so maximum braking control was a non negotiable. We wanted an aggressive but dapper bike, so Gav combined 40mm aero rims with simple design cues. You’ll find so many subtle details, which both of us love.



Both of these bikes can be and will be ridden together, as a pair. You can see them at Bespoked Bristol and in future shoots, representing the company. I just hope we don’t have to wait another 5 years for the next additions to our steel family!

We promote British craft in clothing and bikes, and to that end we have decided to sell these bikes. There will be 5 strictly limited edition copies of The Handsome Mixte and The Beyond Urban in Vulpine’s Made in Britain Navy & Red livery. You get to choose components and which wheels Gav builds for you. And of course it’s all fitted to your geometry and style.


Register your interest HERE.


The Details:


Emmalou’s Build: The Handsome Mixte
RRP £4600*

Columbus Zona, Columbus XCR and Aircraft grade 4130
Chromoly tubingPacenti Paris Brest fork crown (heavily modified)
August custom dropouts
Custom-built forks
Fillet brazed/bi-lam construction
Handcrafted seat stay caps
Braze-on logos
Campagnolo Potenza groupset
Paul Component racer brakes and canti-levers
Campagnolo Record headset (very rare, took a lot of sourcing!)
Campagnolo Record hubs (custom polished)
Pacenti Brevet rims
Sapim Race spokes and brass nipples (hand-built in house wheels)
Gil Berthoud mudguards
Nitto Jitensha handlebars
Compass Grand Bois 650b x 42c tyres
Crane bell
Custom Chromoly stem
Custom stainless rack (will have)
Brooks saddle and tape
Custom Campagnolo TT shifters

Nick’s Build: The Beyond Urban
RRP £5500*

Columbus Spirit and Life tubing
August tapered headtube
August custom disc dropouts
Fillet brazed construction
Handcrafted seat stay caps
Custom laser-cut bridge
Ultegra Di2 Hydro disc CX groupset
Hope headset, bottom bracket and hubs
August 40mm carbon rims
Sapim CX Ray spokes and brass nipples
TRP CX Fork (carbon with tapered steerer)
Jack Brown tyres
Fizik seatpost, handlebars, stem, saddle and bar tape
Internal brake routing and custom Di2 routing

Each bike ordered will come with a custom August bike stand, colour matched to the frame, with a stainless august logo.

*RRPs shown here are for the exact models shown and costs will vary according to build kits selected and availability/price of parts.


Images: Tristan Holden

3 thoughts on “New Bike Day”

  1. Love the bikes. I am going for a Mason British designed Italian built bike for my next ‘day of joy’ or ‘day of bike-dulgence’ as my wife calls it. She wonders why a lady can be content with 2 bikes while a guy needs 6+!!!
    The trigger for my reply is that perfect pic of your ‘pal’ bike builder and his Staffy. Yes the ‘one with the tongue’: Our Staffy is our constant companion as we trundle the trails of Dartmoor. She howls to the moon whenever we load our bikes into our Defender and head for the moors. Best regards: A Vulpine addict. I have some suggestions for two innovative potential new cycle top ranges. Please remember that there a lot of the regular cycling family who are bulky and have a pathological hatred for Lycra.

  2. Hellos from San Jose, California.

    I absolutely love these two bikes!

    Congratulations for the idea! Very nice!

    First, I subscribe completely to your company values! Quality, value, love and attention to detail, are great values (excuse the redundancy) to have: both personal and professional life.

    I discovered your company/brand about a year ago, while searching for commuter clothing: something not too sporty looking but bike practical, with quality materials and a somewhat distinctive/classical look.

    Even though I have yet to make a purchase, I can see from your newsletters and website, that I found just that, and more.

    The bikes look very beautiful, and “bad ass”, as we say here :-) BUT, very elegant, too! Beautiful lines, colors/accents, and nice componentry option. And they are steel!

    I know about steel! :-) I ride steel for my work commuter, xc mountainbike, and recently got a road bike too. Plus, have three more steel bikes i plan to swap/resale. Anyway…

    Now, here these bikes, amazing in so many ways, I just can’t see them used on a daily basis, being grinded next to other bikes, on the train commute, or at the supermarket.
    I feel they would get scratched, banged out (dings and bents) against other bikes, where often people just don’t care; or worse, get stolen. If you plan to leave them outside, while at work, or at the market, you’ll need TWO serious U-shape Krytonite locks (strongest on our market), or just take them in at work, at the office, or where you are. They are going to be a magnet to bike thieves. Sometimes, in San Francisco, they come with a power tool, like a grinder, and start cutting your Ulock. Maybe even a “Tile” key finder – type of finding device in them, too.

    At his price point, I feel these are luxurious bikes (just personal opinion), that will get used only in the weekends.

    Which brings the dilemma: do I spend $5000, and have a great bike for the daily use at all? Or just in the weekends, for recreational reasons?

    Best wishes,

  3. Hello,

    Just with to Add to my comment above: I misunderstood the situation :-) I see you’ll be making only five of these bikes, Special Edition.
    I mistakenly believed you will start selling bikes from now on, too, hence my concerns.

    Excellent idea, and very nice product!


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