An essential selection for city cycling this Autumn

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Autumn can be a treat for the senses, as you chase the sun towards the horizon on your ride home, or surf your way through crisp layers of leaves in the park. But as the nights draw in and rain becomes more likely, you’ll also need to up your wardrobe game to stay safe (and dry) on your bike.

Read on and I’ll talk you through my favourite pieces from Vulpine’s Autumn and Winter collection for 2016, and explain what I think makes them work so well — both on and off a bicycle.

Long sleeve Extrafine Merino Alpine Jersey
Shop the Long sleeve extrafine Merino Alpine Jersey for men and for women

Long sleeve Extrafine Merino Alpine Jersey
There are two things I love here. Firstly — pow! — look at that orange colour. It’s almost good enough to eat. Secondly, it’s merino… but not as you know it. Made from an extrafine wool, this jersey is softer and faster drying than ever before. It’s practical too: the long sleeves will keep you warm as the evenings edge towards being chilly, but when a jacket would still be too much.


Vulpine Women's British Cycling Trenchcoat
Shop the Women’s British Cycling Trenchcoat

Women’s British Cycling Trenchcoat
A quintessentially British garment, with a subtle redesign to make it cycling-friendly. Tailored here in Britain from a showerproof fabric, it’s the detailing that really makes this trench for me. The tail split is reflective, and the buttons are made from corozo, a natural material made up of tightly wound organic fibers.

(There isn’t a men’s version of this trench at present, but there is a Men’s British Cycling Mac which shares a similar luxury aesthetic.)


Vulpine Merino Block Socks
Shop the Merino Block Socks

Merino Block Socks
As one of those typical graphic designer types, I like to have a bit of colour on my person at all times. And what better place than on your feet? (Especially as you’ll see an extra flash of it when you’re out and about on your bike). The Block Sock will liven up any outfit without screaming “Look at me!” — which is why it’s definitely my kind of style this autumn.



Urban Cycling Jeans
Shop the Urban Cycling Jeans for men and for women

Urban Cycling Jeans
One of the problems with spending more time in cycle lanes is the inevitable exposure to certain parts of the people cycling in front of you. Vulpine’s new Urban Cycling Jeans are as much a public service as a style statement, because they are carefully constructed to keep your back covered when on a bike.

They’re stretchy too, with a Diamond Gusset for extra comfort (no sitting on seams in these jeans) and reflective details which are revealed when you roll up the right leg.


Men's British Waxed Harrington
Shop the British Waxed Harrington

British Waxed Harrington
For me, the Harrington is the piece that defines Vulpine (and prompted me to name Vulpine my cycle style brand to watch back in 2013). An understated classic that you can happily wear anywhere around town without looking cycling-ey.

My old Harrington still attracts regular “New jacket? Very smart!” comments at work, so I can only imagine at the head-turning capacity of this updated (and British-made) version. Of course it’s not just the styling details that are considered, the bike-specific features are all there too — from a discreet reflective trim to a cycling fit that allows your body to move freely on a bike.

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