Meet Vulpine’s New Ambassadors

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Following our #VulpineRides competition, we announced our overall winners, and new Vulpine ambassadors last week – Pavel & Marina!  This week, we’ve interviewed them to find out more about their facinating lives travelling across Europe on their bikes, and making backpacks, accessories and apps for bike lovers as they go!


Firstly, could you tell me a little about yourselves? Where are you from, what do you do, and where do you live? I checked out your website – you bags are beautiful! Absolutely fascinated by the idea that you are able to combine travelling and manufacturing – do tell me more!

We’re from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. A few years ago we (me and Marina) decided to start making accessories for city cycling and other bike projects. It was 2014 and we made handlebar bags, small backpacks for our trip to Italia, tested them there and started sell them via our online shop after that. Also we created another our project – “One bike day in…”. This is travel guides with a very simple idea – we have only a day to show a city, not only popular touristic sights, but also secrets places from locals. And the best way to feel a city – ride a bike in this city. You can check out our guide for Milan, for example. Then we started experimenting with our mobile app (we develop it ourselves) where we wanted to combine a ride tracker and ability to find secret local places for next trips. Making mobile apps is very hard and now we are looking for an investment for our app.


There was another big project in Saint-Petersburg – Quick Parcels, it’s Uber but for bike deliveries. But 4 months after launching it became clear that the project will not work in Saint-Petersburg (it should work in Paris, London, Vienna, but not in Saint-Petersburg). And the most interesting our project – Velotton Big Trip where we try to combine travelling and manufacturing. It’s very interesting, because you can make backpacks and bags anywhere (for example, we stayed in Alpine villages, small Italian cities). Now we’re working on stories and travel guides from this trip.


What is your favourite ride or place to ride and why?

I enjoy cycling in mountains (in Alps best of all), Marina enjoy cycling in cities and take cycle style photos. We ride on our old french bikes (Peugeot and St. Etienne), because we just like how they look on photos. And we like things with history.


Why do you ride and how long have you both been interested in cycling?

We ride because a bicycle is a freedom and the best way to feel cities, nature and mountains. You shouldn’t waste your time in traffic jams or spent your money on parking and fuel. Just sit on a bike and ride where you want and when you want. We’ve been riding for 6 years.


What else are you interested in, other than cycling?

We also like map design. There is our experimental project Just Maps where everyone can order a map-poster with rides or runs. It’s just an experiment but we want to add this feature in our mobile app, why not?

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