#VulpineRides – Week Five

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Announcing the winner of Week Five of our #VulpineRides photography competition. See the winning photo and some other notable entries.


Chris (@amazingwilko) is this week’s winner of a pair of Men’s Jinzu Jeans for this great shot of his Brompton on what looks like a stunning morning in the Wicklow Mountains.   
As always, we had loads of brilliant images entered, so here’s a round up of a few more favourites from this week!  

Bit of exploring on today’s ride. #vulpinerides #cycling #yorkshire #outsideisfree A photo posted by Ryan Mallinson (@ryanmal1) on

A photo posted by Tom Ballinger (@ballitom) on

Seven years ago this week, I had the incredible privilege of embarking on a week-long solo bicycle tour of Wales. I had planned next to nothing in advance, but I got in touch with @droverholidays and reserved a bicycle and a set of panniers. I arrived at Heathrow, took a train to Hereford, and then a bus to Hay-on-Wye. I didn’t have a route or stops planned, only a general idea of the direction I wanted to go. I purchased a few of the National Cycle Network route maps and set out, riding as far as I could each day. When I began running out of daylight, I’d stop in the next town I came to and try to find a place to stay. Having hardly ridden since I was a teenager, this was the beginning of my life as an adult bicyclist, and—though my legs didn’t let me forget this—I overcame the obstacles and my outlook was forever changed. Some of the most memorable parts were the ones that I don’t have pictures of, because they included the worst weather, the most difficult climbs, the muddiest terrain, the experience of feeling completely lost, and the times that my body was ready to give out on me. It was here that I learned how pushing oneself through considerable torment can be an amazing experience, and also how a country can look even more beautiful in the rain. Although it would be years before I learned of the social media hashtag #roadslikethese, I could have tagged nearly every one of my picture with the same. Get out, ride your bike, explore, be spontaneous, push yourself, and don’t forget to take in the view. It will change your life. . . #wales #discovercymru #discoverwales #walesadventure #nationalcyclenetwork #bicycletouring #bicycleadventures #adventurebybike #adventurecycling #doyouevenlanebro #lanesnotlaps #countryside #countrylane #lostlanes #landscape #viewslikethese #vulpinerides #wanderlust #notallwhowanderarelost A photo posted by Caleb Langer (@bike_less_ordinary) on


Week Six of the competition is now open for entries so keep on photographing your cycling adventures and tagging them #VulpineRides on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. This week’s prize is a Laptop Commuter Backpack.



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