London Sample Sale

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We’re having our biggest sample sale ever. Save up to 80% on Vulpine and HOY Vulpine apparel. Customer Private Invitation
Thursday 19th May 3pm – 7pm

Open To The Public
Friday 20th May 9am – 7pm
Saturday 21st May 10am – 6pm
Sunday 22nd May 10am – 4pm

Beat The Queues With Cash – Credit/Debit Cards Also Accepted


Shop 7, Dray Walk, The Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL

32 thoughts on “London Sample Sale”

  1. Any chance you can make it available on the web? Can’t get there.

    Just got my long sleeve polo, beautifully made!

  2. Hi Vulpine,

    I got an email invite to the Sample Sale in London next week, with the subject line – ‘private invitation’. Is the email proof of this invitation or should I bring I.D. etc when I come next Thursday?



    1. Hi Marco,
      We are based in London hence the location. Possibly in the future we will have one outside of London. Unfortunately it is in store only as items are limited. Thanks.

  3. Great idea!
    Living in Japan means it is impossible to go.
    Any plans for an online version?

    Best of luck with the sale.


    Dan James

  4. Great news! Due to the slight inconvenience of work I can’t make Thursday, but was wondering if you plan to put extra stuff out each day? If so, at the start of the day…? I’ll either come Friday afternoon or Saturday morning… loved the merino top I got from your last sample sale, it’s travelled with me and my bike to quite a few countries now :)

  5. I’ve subscribed to the mailing list and would like to go to the sample sale on the 19th. Can I get an invite please?

  6. Hi is there a chance of a Thurs preview invite, I might find it tricky on Fri :-) I’m on the mailing list.

  7. London … again!
    Even the London-centric behemoth that is Rapha managed to hold their sample sale as far north as Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow.
    Disappointing … but entirely expected.

    1. Hi Stephen, we considered doing a bit of a roadshow. We worked it out, and if we get anything like the response of the last shop-based sample sale, we’ll need to move all the staff around the UK for two weeks, with transport, hotels, fish and chips X lots and that’s not even taking account of the truck with stock in!

      So, err, we stayed in London.

      We’ve done an online sample sale in the past, which was a bit nuts too, and you don’t have all your staff desperately trying to put medium men’s back in medium men’s, not XS Womens, but there’s all the gear that can’t go online, because of reshooting it and loading new pages.

      So, violins for me, now you know the thought process! Just boring old logistics.

  8. Found some great bargains but unfortunately got home to find the shorts are womens in the wrong section of the store £25 lost…

    1. Hi Neil, sorry to hear that, in Sample Sales customers drop stock and move on if they prefer something, and its hard for us to keep up with every garment, as they’re in big open containers. Nick.

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