#VulpineRides – Week One

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Week one of #VulpineRides is over, see this week’s winning image and a round up of our other favourites.

Week one of #Vulpine Rides is complete, and you’ve really gone for it. Hundreds of beautiful images made for a lengthy decision process. The winning shot by Tomás Montes of Arriere du Peloton, was chosen because of its unusual location (story below), contrast between beauty and decay, and the dog made it a complete image of our ethos of Ride & Destination for us. A great ride, a fascinating destination.



Here’s Tomás’ story behind the photo:
“It was a long plan ride with two mates, also photographers, who never went for a ride together for tight schedules. The Autodrome was always in ours mind’s so we head it on a april’s saturday morning. @themusette_cc was our guide from Barcelona to the fun through the vineyards of Penedes, @hollis.duncan and I trusted 100% in our guide. We reach the abandon Autodrome from the back door, private property, you know. We wanted to be cautious, even more after heard stories about a furious guardian dog, soo. The track was built at 1923 but it wasn’t a successful investment and fade away through the years. We made a lap stopping every few meters to admire the grandiosity of the walls of this gigantic track, we relaxed and took some when suddenly this little fella came through and started to chase us, so we decided not disturbed the beast and leave the place with the mind full of dreams about old cars burning the asphalt. It was a #VulpineRides with @hollis.duncan and @themusette_cc

A Smart City Bundle is on its way to Tomás, perfect for Spring commutes and urban rides when he’s not exploring abandoned relics. CityBundle

Here are some entries that although didn’t win we liked so much we had to share them. Thanks for all the entries everyone, we’ve really enjoyed seeing them come in everyday.

Kingswear – Slapton 5 of 8   A photo posted by dtmco (@dtm_co) on

Post-work swim. First of the year with no wetsuit. #inthewald A photo posted by Tom Ballinger (@ballitom) on

#vulpinerides   A photo posted by @superpooky on

#singletrack #RideItItsYourWorld #VulpineRides A photo posted by Rob Bob Penny (@robbobpenny) on

Beautiful morning for cycling to work! #icantfeelmyface #vulpinerides   A photo posted by @plasticcouch81 on

Week Two of the competition has now begun so keep on submitting your photos and tag them #VulpineRides on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You’ll be in with a chance to win a Merino Sunset Hoodie, ideal for this overly chilly Spring, and the opportunity to become a Vulpine Brand Ambassador.




We’ve been blown away by the images sent in so far and we’d love to see more photos from your city/urban/commute rides.

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