Why Vulpine Leads In Commuter Cycling Apparel

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Putting our innate British standoffishness aside, we’re really jolly good at this. Nick explains why, what’s new for 2016, and how it’s relevant to your cycle commuting.

This time 4 years ago I was absolutely bricking it.

I was 10 days away from launching Vulpine and had no idea if anyone was going to like the garments I’d created. I can still feel the excitement, wondering what might happen to a totally unproven idea, and the metallic taste of the terror of it all just going pop, and making a fool of myself, slinking away, humiliated.

That was 2012. This is 2016. Since then we have gained in confidence, experience and massively expanded our range. The idea not only worked, it blew the doors off! Phew, and wow.

We’re now leaders of a new kind of cycling clothing. Commuter apparel. Urban cycling kit. Casual cycling clothing. Whatever you call it, it looks and works great, on and off the bike. For your ride AND destination…

Why are we seen as leaders? If I put my British embarrassment about saying how great we are aside, here’s why we’re so, err, great:

Quality was the first on my list when I created Vulpine. I’m not interested in making OKish stuff that’s only likely to leave you feeling a bit let down, especially when it fails. We should be proud of what we do. I love hearing that customers are made up with their purchase. We all love things that work, that are beautiful, and last. We only create products you will have total faith in.

Attention to detail & fit

Designing a jacket that is comfortable for your cycling life, but also hangs well off the bike, must balance many often opposing technical requirements. That takes years, decades, of combined cycling and tailoring experience. We’re obsessive about the design details and fit that matter so much to you.


Start from scratch
Few of us come from the cycling industry. I certainly don’t. I’ve never studied fashion or apparel design. To me, strangely, that is a good thing. Our design is led by starting from scratch. ‘How SHOULD it be done?’ Not, ‘how HAS it been done?’ Hopefully that means we never accept anything as ‘good enough’. Thus, we can innovate instead of accept.

Classic With A Cycling Twist

Straight after having said that, style has rules, created through the decades. We don’t want to innovate a crotch-less hover-trouser that works brilliantly, but is going to get you wedgied by strangers. We are creating beautiful clothes that work on and off the bike and suit your daily commute. Cycling has enough krazZZzie design already. Vulpine style is Classic With A Cycling Twist. Sighs of relief all round.

We test the bejesus out of each garment, and iterate through many series of samples to make sure it’s right for you. I’ve personally tested everything we’ve ever released, wearing it on long, dirty rides, to posh business meetings. I especially like testing the women’s gear. Saturday nights only though. Boo.

We also get an awful lot of testing information from our customers, your kind testimonials and feedback, which we always listen to and act upon.

No half measures
We don’t tip our toe into commuter apparel. Its what we do and obsess about. It’s our bread and butter. Or cake. Yes, actually, it’s CAKE. Fancy some cake?


So welcome to Spring Summer 2016. What’s new?

Breton Striped T-shirt

We wanted to create a wonderfully soft, great-fitting classic Tee but with technicality for summer riding.

That meant quick drying, stain and odour resistance so you can ride to work on a summer’s morning, do your day, then socialise in the park with a drink in the same outfit without worrying. This classic Breton T uses lush Dri-release cotton that does all that.


Gravel Shorts
A lightweight, tough, high-stretch, do-it-all short for doing it all. Commute, pedal round the park, socialise, MTB, even gym (which I always use mine for). This ripstop fabric is soft on the skin but won’t mind the brambles, if you fancy some cyclocross.

Now we have a trio of shorts styles. The Cotton Rain Short, for mixed conditions in typical British weather. The Summer Short (or Capri for women) for a smarter, lightweight urban look in the heat. And the Gravel shorts for a wide range of everything.

Silk Air Vest & Boat Neck T
The brief here was to create high-performing feminine tops for high-Summer. We chose a silk/modal blend. Modal is made from beech tree fibre, and combined with silk, creates a wonderfully lightweight, flattering natural fabric that is superb at moisture and odour management. Silk is tech!

Summer Cigarette Pant
Another women’s only garment for launch this year, we simply took our best selling Capri and extended it, with a slim silhouette at the calf. Elegant and classic, with high stretch, its perfect for holiday rides and smart commuting to work.

We’ve had four more years to get things right, to react to customer feedback and iterate iterate iterate.

I’m prouder than ever. Enjoy the range. Enjoy your Spring and Summer on and off the bike!

2 thoughts on “Why Vulpine Leads In Commuter Cycling Apparel”

  1. Hi, will this great stuff be available at always riding soon? I bought my first vulpine shirt there last year and I really like it !!!
    What about your shopping and paying conditions for german customers ? Can I order here without problems and pay with my visa card ?
    Greetings from Bremen Klaus

    1. Hi Klaus, thank you! Absolutely, you can order from our website anywhere in the world. Shipping details are here, but you pay £10 if buying under £200, or it is free if paying over. Visa card is absolutely fine, as are all normal payment facilities. http://www.vulpine.cc/uk/faq
      Take care, Nick.

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