Why So Serious?

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Sometimes cycling can take itself a bit too seriously – here’s founder Nick on putting the fun and inclusivity back into cycling… and having a laugh on our SS16 photo shoot…

Why So Serious?

Cycling is a laugh.
Cycling is a laugh when I commute.
Cycling is a laugh with my mates in the countryside.
Cycling was a laugh when I raced (inside I was laughing at the PAIN).
Cycling is a laugh when I drag the kids along in the trailer.
Or race the dog with an MTB (I have the MTB, not the dog).
Or bombing down the banking at a velodrome.
It’s all a laugh.

It sure as hell doesn’t look like it out in Marketing World though.

Real cycling to me isn’t the frown-a-thon we see out there.

It’s wanging through London, laughing as you weave through and beat the traffic.
It’s smiling gently at the blonde haired snub-nosed dogs of blonde haired snub-nosed owners, as you ride through Royal Parks.
It’s exalting at your efforts, as you arrive at work, laughing at the endorphins seeping out of your palms.
It’s leaning against the bike with a pint after work on a Friday.
It’s sprinting for lights and losing by a tyre’s breadth.

Vulpine has always been about the enjoyment of cycling. We’ve always said, whatever you ride, however fast, you’re welcome. Just enjoy.

We’ve discussed how much the guys smile in shoots, because at times it seems incongruous to what everyone else is doing. Smiles stick out where everyone is pouting and narrowing their eyes. We didn’t want to come across as The Comedy Brand. But we always thought, no, we had a laugh, the shoot was fun, lets show the shoot.

Cue our Spring Summer 2016 launch, happening next week. I wanted to accentuate these feelings and intensify them somehow. I’m not a huge fan of theatre, but I think visually and love the set designs, even if I’m not paying attention to the thesps (sorry guys, short attention spa…huh?). I fancied doing a shoot amongst theatre sets, with set pieces, showing what the gear is meant for.

What is Vulpine gear meant for?

Commuting to work. Riding in the city. Meetings. Pub. Stuff…

Or, life….Laughing. Riding. Kissing. Lazing. Drinking. Travelling. Working. Exploring. Watching. Walking. Caressing. Chatting. Everything.*


*Except activities requiring specific equipment, such as deep sea diving, inter galactic space travel, or Seventies glam rock combo.

So, here’s a sneak look at the new shoot.

British weather being what it is, we shot some rainy scenes as well as the balmy summer ones, demonstrating the wet weather gear.

Vulpine Men's Original Rain Jacket
Here’s Paul pouring water over Jon in an Original Rain Jacket, trying not to break into hysterics again. *serious face*

The Original Rain Jacket is our feature-heavy all-season commute jacket, with optional reflective features. It’s super breathable, great in the rain, and in the pub.


The cuffs can be popped to reveal reflectivity for nighttime indicating. The Storm Flap at the rear, can be pulled from it’s magnets to protect your posterior from road spray, or just zipped off for storage…It’s all selectable, so that you don’t feel like an extra from a sci-fi B movie.

Here is Jools pouring water over Kat. Muhahahaaaa.

The Harrington Rain Jacket is our classically styled all-season commute jacket for urban living.


Extremely breathable and windproof, you wouldn’t know it was a cycling rain jacket until, you are, errr, cycling in the rain. Beautifully finished, it’s the garment we’re identified with for a reason.

The new season is coming. Get out and ride. Laugh. Don’t laugh (we’re ok with that. You can’t laugh all the time. Apparently.)

And we promise not to take ourselves too seriously. But we do take what we do really really seriously.

Ride well. See you at launch next week.

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