Vulpine’s Ultimate Cycling Xmas Gift List

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Christmas is nice. You get stuff. I hope for malt whisky, a log cabin in Norway, a PS4 with Star Wars Battlefront and some time to play it without the email pinging or my small over-excited kids gnawing at my toes…

Previously all I wanted was cycling stuff. I never got it. Handily, we make all the cycling clothing I ever wanted (sorrrrry). But you and I can never get enough bikes or cycling holidays. N+ 1 for bikes and opportunities to ride!

I’ve added my cycling lusts to those of the Vulpine staff. We had a big dream session. Here we go. It’s a belter:


For The Commuter:

Der Muenchner Christkindlmarkt und das Rathaus strahlen am Montag (28.11.05) waehrend der Blauen Stunde in weihnachtlichem Lichterglanz. Mit der Eroeffnung des zentralen Muenchner Weihnachtsmarktes auf dem Marienplatz begann am Freitag (25.11.05) die Weih

City Break to Munich

Munchen is awesome, and strangely overlooked. Take all that city cycling enthusiasm to somewhere where it makes so much sense. A relaxed, fun, beautiful, green, cycling-friendly city that’s romantic any time of year. Plus there is a lot of amazing meat and beer (burp).


Harrington Rain Jacket

What we’re famous for. Once you’ve owned one, you’ll understand why we’ve grown so fast. Simple, yet huge attention to detail. I’m a proud dad!…Just not a very humble one.


Tatty Devine Cycling Necklace

Jools always wears Tatty. I always buy it for my wife! You can never go wrong with this jewellery.


Xmas Sock Bundle

Everyone loves socks! Especially when they’re made in Italy from merino wool, or even silk. Both are amazing performance materials that are also really snug. Xmas sorted. Boom.


Crane Sakura Stem Bell

The right sound is key. This has it. A lovely gleaming piece of friendly freedom optimised in a shiny round thing.



For The Explorer:


Trip To Norway

I fell in love when we shot in Norway last year. Green, great roads, politeness, rain (yea, I like rain),  expanses of water and wilderness. Watch out for tunnels and the insane prices though. Maybe just live off live-caught fish?


Mason Frame

Dom Mason is a friend and genius. I also really appreciate a fellow entrepreneur who risks it all to start something they love. Mason bikes are beautiful and wonderfully thought out. I want one. You should too.


Apidura saddle pack

Another great young British company, who are really forging a name for themselves. Superb distance riding packs that work and look good. Which totally nails it for me.



Ultralight Thermal Jacket

Pack this ultra lightweight (see what I did there?) thermal jacket into your Apidura bag to pull out for chilly stops and even sleeping in under the stars. Or for hanging out.


OS map

An OS map is a thing of beauty. To spread it over large wooden table with your coffees, and plan the day’s route is one of the lost wonders of cycling. Don’t forget the marker pens.



For The Road Dwelling Alpinist:


Trip To Mallorca

Mallorca is warm(ish) in Winter and is very cycling friendly. We all know that. But less well know are Marsh-Mallows, run by our friend Dan Marsh. He was our fixer and guide for our shoots there last year. He organises trips for Pro teams and his knowledge of the island and connections are unparalleled. He’s your man.


Randa Softshell Jacket

A great softshell jacket can make a ride. Chris and I have tried dozens in our time, and we honestly think this is the best ever. We would, but then we designed it to be, so why not?


Bike Fit With Someone Awesome

I cannot stop expressing what a difference a bike fit for ANY CYCLIST can make, but especially if you’re hammering. I’ve an appointment with the genius James at Sigma Sport next week. He sorted my foot/shoe issues that have been gripping me for years, in 15 minutes. Find your awesome fitter, and get the works.

softshell_gloves copy

Softshell Gloves

These gloves will keep your hands warm, without looking silly. Exactly what we meant them to do. Plus subtle reflective patches in the right places. Just launched, they’re flying. Proud.



The Aesthete:


Hartley frame

Caren Hartley makes beautiful bicycles. Who doesn’t love pretty bikes?? You’ll spot Kate riding one in our Helsinki shoot. One day I’ll have one to add to my Feather.


Vulpine Cycling Art

After the popularity of Rebecca J Kaye’s prints last year, we’ve added more from Ben Scruton and Us (who designed our logo). A cycling home needs cycling art.

Campeur no text

Velo Orange Components

VO make beautiful shiny retro bits that nobody really does anymore. Stocked in the UK by the lovely Jamie at Freshtripe, you need to have a browse and swap out those matt black painted modern monstrosities!*


* I quite like matt black monstrosities, on the right frame :o)

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  1. OS Maps – where a journey begins & a wealth of opportunities & minor roads open up in front of you. No device can match the feeling they can bring of anticipation

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