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BBC 6Music DJ and cyclist Nemone Metaxas takes us through a special playlist dedicated to riding her bike.

I find cycling helps me escape. It is enhances my mood regardless of the journey I’ve had. In fact I hit the deck earlier this year but still landed the other end feeling positive. My commute enables me to mindfully enjoy the journey and I usually arrive refreshed and full of energy. I live in London and it’s not the most peaceful of routes. I use my commute as quiet time for my mind. Transporting, reflective, restorative, essential. I have many tunes which do the same; transport me, restore my equilibrium, motivate and energise me and I have a few to share here.

I have always cycled from a very early age; one of my earliest memories is mum cycling us to school in her enormous yellow mac engulfing her bike, keeping her dry, seriously embarrassing us by the time we reached the school gates. I have always been crazy about music and I feel really lucky to have been able to earn a penny or two from my love. 

Although I don’t listen to music whilst on my bike I often cycle with beats in my mind; I would say music transports me as much as my bike.



Telemachus – Dead Weight Bliss from album In Morocco


About a month ago an album landed with me which kind of sums up how effective music can be in transporting us. Telemachus re-located to the village of Mirleft in Southern Morocco for two months to surf the Atlantic and make his album called simply In Morocco. Telemachus means “far from battle”, which reflects his peaceful nature and monastic lifestyle. They say “when he’s not caged underground, tethered to rotting synthesizers and corroded microphones, he gathers wool; Telemachus attends to his strawberries; he roasts goats on summer days”. It may not all be true but I am willing to believe after listening. On the rare moments I get to listen to a whole album this is delightful.


Deep Dish – Chocolate City (Love Songs)


When I want to be musically taken on a journey then I have been turning to a Deep Dish favourite of mine. I rediscovered it in the last 12 months and it has made a welcome return in my sets. Rolling in at a glorious pace, building to an epic saxophone celebrating crescendo it really has to be enjoyed in all it’s full original 10 minute plus glory. A triumph from the Iranian/American producers debut album Junk Science.


Hana – He Never


And on a truly transporting note is the new Nightbus compilation from DJ Chris Coco’s label. This is the second instalment gathering together musical soundtracks for a long journey on a night bus. Aiming to be atmospheric, ethereal, ambient, with just enough drive to get you home. Made collaboration by music producer Ojan, film makers Wesley Stokes Mellor and Molly Eaglesham and DJ Chris Coco. Nightbus 2 is out now and track 3 is beautifully escapist by Hana called He Never.


Reflective & Restorative

Corrie – Oat is for Horses


One producer has recently distilled his 25 years in music into new a EP called Chameleon. For me it is a reflective journey of broken beat influences and I love Corrie’s Oat is For Horses particularly.


Mineo – Disappear


To follow Corrie is wonderful new Mineo. I love this EP too. A masterclass in keeping things minimal, albeit with funky depths to indulge in on lead track Disappear. He’s been providing excellent beats for fabulous labels like Crosstown Rebels, Hot Creations, Hypercolour and Southern Fried Records and his Disappear Ep is out mid January on Leftfield Limited.


Bryan Ferry – Love Is The Drug (Todd Terje edit)


And in terms of enveloping me in a sound which is at the same time reflective with futuristic edges Todd Terje’s Disco Dub of Bryan Ferry’s Love Is The Drug is a fine example. What a musical marriage. Bryan also crops up on Johnny and Mary a wonderfully whimsical song from Todd Terje’s latest long player It’s Album Time which I also loved.


Motivating & Energetic

Oliver dollar & Jimi Jules – Pushing On


When a track grabs me I just want to listen over and over and over again. Oliver Dollar and Jimi Jules has been my guilty pleasure for a while now. I’m never going to be sitting still for long when I hear this song.


Parada 88 – You’re Gonna Miss Me


Plenty of tracks have been referencing the second summer of love for a while now. The first wave of rave has been an often mined source some with more success than others. Eluding to their influences in their name Parada 88 unleashed this beast last summer called You’re Going To Miss Me…


ESG – Dance


And finally the perfect track to wind up this playlist. I was gutted not to see them last year at James Lavelle’s Meltdown on the Southbank in London. A little beauty from their 1983 debut album this song still sounds so fresh. Great beats. Hard not to be moved by it. Motivation indeed.

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  1. Excellent break down of songs and their impact on you, Nemone! Love it…and a few of my faves including Deep Dish and Oliver $ (roll-on Defected). Thanks for brightening up my Friday.

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