HOY Vulpine – A Major New British Brand

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We can reveal details about our long-term venture with Sir Chris Hoy, HOY Vulpine, will feature performance cycling apparel such as bib shorts and race jerseys, as well as stylish commuter wear…

We can finally start to reveal details about our new brand with Sir Chris Hoy, called, originally, HOY Vulpine. 

It will feature performance cycling apparel such as bib shorts and race jerseys, as well as stylish commuter wear such as casual tops and shorts, all at a competitive price point. The new ranges will have equal numbers of garments for men and women, with a kid’s range to follow in 2016. 


Our last meeting was at a pub in the North West, near Chris' home. 


Left to right: Edwin (design), Jon (customer service), Dave (sales), Lucia (production), Chris (knight),

Nick (founder), Robin (operations), Jools (operations), Polly (data) & Iszi (production). 

I got a call from Chris’ management in November 2013, when we were 20 months old. As you'd expect I was pretty blown away and complimented to even be asked. I never expected we’d be able to clinch a deal with Chris, of all icons, but we worked very hard at it and it happened!

It's life changing stuff for me and my wife Emmalou, risking so much to get Vulpine off the ground, and its a game changer for Vulpine. Chris loves our inclusive ethos, something we all hold dear, and he loves our kit. You’ll notice he’s barely out of one of our Harrington Jackets and a merino v-neck t-shirt!

I said from the beginning I wanted to create a new brand and an innovative but classic new range, not just plonk a famous person’s logo on some stuff. This attitude to business, and our ethos of inclusivity and quality nailed it. 


Vulpine founder Nick Hussey (er, me) and Sir Chris Hoy, Great Britain's most decorated Olympian,

co-founders of HOY Vulpine. We're both wearing Jinzu Raw Selvedge Jeans, out of interest.


Chris asked me to add this “The whole idea behind HOY Vulpine is to create products that can be used for all kinds of cycling. From a more casual perspective, we want to allow riders to feel like they could ride to their destination and still look good, and not necessarily have to turn up at the pub wearing full team kit looking like they've just finished a stage of the Tour. The kit is also very functional, this is essential. We’re also developing a performance line which is very understated, stylish, not in your face."


"I love the design process, with both the bikes and the clothing. It’s made me fall back in love with cycling all over again. For a while, the bike and the kit became a tool to do my job on the track, just a series of components. Now I have that more emotional bond again, and working with Vulpine who share the same passion and attention to detail, constantly reassessing and evaluating, makes me hugely excited about the year ahead and seeing the range that we’ve been working so hard on finally go into stores."


Chris assesses fabrics with Iszi. Oh look, biscuits.


Chris is a ludicrously nice chap? I'm still trying to find that chink in his armour. He's too perfect.

HOY Vulpine will be stocked in all Evans Cycles branches, alongside Chris’ HOY Bikes, and will also be sold online on our website. As a guide to price, the bib shorts will cost £79.99 and feature a high specification long distance CyTech pad found on bib shorts. They're seriously awesome value.


We went for a ride for a couple of hours with Chris. Something to tell the grandchildren. Especially his Vic n Bob impressions….

As an ex-road and XC racer of a few decades (gulp!) myself, I believe there are some rules of racing gear you just don’t mess with. Chris has a bit of a background in racing too, apparently (six Olympic Gold and eleven world titles, so I'm told), and he agrees.

The performance apparel will be simple, classic and won’t feature loads of mad colours, designs or garish logos that we feel spoil cycling apparel. This is a brand that will appeal to the hardcore racing cyclist, the sportive enthusiast, the fitness rider finding their feet and the commuter of any creed. The fact is we want it to appeal to all cyclists, because we love all cycling. 

The commuter ranges will also feature classic style, with tried and tested features taken from our current range, but at a more accessible price point. 


HOY Vulpine will launch at the 2015 London Bike Show, opening on 12th February, with Sir Chris Hoy attending the HOY Vulpine stand on Saturday 14th February. 


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