Save Your Soul

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Now the weather has changed don’t go back to the awful slow grimness of commuting by car, train or tube.

Stay happy, stay riding. Save Your Soul.


Save your soul from the waste and misery of public transport.

From the stop start, clutch-control crawl of car fumes.

Chugging on the agro bus, picking chewing gum off the seats.

Top deck a sweat breath wet window winter prison.

Edging forward, bumpers as barbed wire for your piece of road.

Radio 2, radio shout, radio dirge.

Turf warfare in the train, tube, tram and transit van.


Save your soul with freedom.

The perspiration is yours, not the old sweat of the rail-clinging suit with his brogues on your toes.

Your fight is the u-lock grapple in the shed and facing the sheeting rain

Let the cold sting your eyes and grin.

The cool air brings solitary wakefulness, not warm too near blank faced passengers.

See in technicolor, be free, alive, invigorated.

Get the unfair advantage.

Don’t sit away your days in The Matrix, with their middle-distance stares and obedient stairwell shuffle.

Sentinels wasting away waiting to disembark, doling out the numbness.

Choose sit-up-and-beg, drop bars, cow bars or crossbars.


Sing in the rain.

Ring your bell.

Big ring it.

Save your soul with cycling.

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