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In his first guest blog cycling legend & cobbles expert Kenny Van Vlaminck talks poetry and modern technology


Things didn't go so well last time Kenny visited Vulpine Command Centre, now he's back with a guest blog…


the blogs of Kenny Van Vlaminck for the vulpine internet. POEMS and TECHNOLOGICALS=.i am calling it.


 hussey he asked me to be making the blogs for the wwwebs in vulpine. this is like making a texting or TWITER or e_mails even but longer than all of them like a book maybe but only a page from one. Or two if it it is long,

I am in LOVe with learning the new technologicals so it is nice to go to the next level. 

On this new moment I am taking the optimum desire to myself and making it happen. It is called poems.Poems are from a long times before the wifi is coming into our homes all of the time. Poems are for to take you to a place that potentially you have not been visitings very much before in the dreams you had.they also have words that are sounding like the words just before the next words. I give examples of this for you


The tram

It is made of metal and wood and is not like ham


also a nice examples as well is


the not so nice smelling old lady from Gits
she is always having the unusual fits 


and so.


Poems are a journey but not one like shopping or taking a train to Diksmuide.Or other things like footpaths. I take the method techniques like this. I push all of the complicatedness into a pipe (in my mind of course!! ;)of maybe 150 metres long.no this is too long. i think 2 metres is better.And poems come from the other end like small sausages made of letters words and emotional.this is poems. And many people are making the top happiness because of it.even the nobels give a special podium for the best.


Here is a POEM for you by myeslef Kenny Van Vlaminck 22Augyst 2014. It is called  “It is not always ok, sometimes”


it is intense 
the pain that I am having in my leg
I understand why this is happening.
Because I am falling from my bicycle.
I don’t know perhaps it has no love left inside the tyres any more for me.
Yes, but the rubber is perishing as it is old and maybe it has been in the sun too long.
Yes. But this is a natural phase of getting old called strain crystallisation in scientifics.
It is too



Now I am blogs the TECHNOLOGICALS Advice especially for the network socials. I am looking at it and developing the furthering of it because I can do this. So can you!! with things you can find





TWITER is one of my favorite things to happen in science for many years since the photocopier happened. So I want to improve it because it has some shortcomings perhaps because the designer scientist is only 21 years and cannot be appreciating the minds of experience like me.it is not his fault though.you just cannot make enough the grammaticals to fit it.

many times I am on the hovercraft or in the canal with my friends and I want to make the email. But TWITER cannot let me do it because it makes the not nesscecary regulations that only 140 letters can be utilising in one moment.
for resolving this problems with the software in it I reach deep into my resoursces of my own brain and the mind capsules within this and I finding like normal that the solution sleeps here like the man who has cycled so far on gears that are broken that his legs are no longer making the normal functions that nature is giving to them.

If your applephone has the camera phone built inside its phone here are my instructions to make the email on TWITER for top commiuncations.

1 make the email inside the internet of your computer this can be at home or in another place if you have some cables. remember to choose more than 140 of the words! One time I make an email with 434 words and the memory capacity is ok so it is possible if you have a nice computer that weighs under 9 kg I think

2 make the small editorials with tiny pieces of paper putting on top of the screen to covering up the words you do not want to be seeing

 3 take it the photo of it!! 

4 put this photo inside TWITER 

5 then be making this TWITER happen and see it!! 



Visit Kenny Van Vlaminck's official website & twitter (or is it TWITER?)

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