London Cycling Awards 2014

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Vulpine came a very close second to Rapha in the London Cycling Awards 2013. Who should you vote for in 2014? *Contains poor attempt at being unbiased*

So now we've calmed down, we're genuinely extremely proud (everyone says they are, but we really are) to be nominated again for the big gong, Best Brand at the London Cycling Awards, organised by those vital and friendly smashers, London Cycling Campaign.

Last year, with three employees and just a year old, we very cheekily did our David vs Goliath skit. To our amazement we came within a whisker of beating Rapha, with Specialized (Specialized!!) a distant third. You could say we had unfinished monkey business. We couldn't possibly comment!

But joking apart, there's nine of us now. We can't claim to be the tiny minnows we were. We're not big, but we're not tiny like we were. And all this year's shortlist are all worthy of the award. So here's a run down.

Please vote for someone nice. Though if you vote for us we'll buy you a cream bun*

Bobbin – Lovely couple Tom & Sian are really nice and Bobbin Bicycles are really really nice. We've had them at our fetes(s?, I lose count) and they are wee. If we were the underdog last year, they surely are in 2014.

Brompton – Pretty folding things made in London. They're big, but they're an icon with clever marketing we can all appreciate, even if we don't fold.

Look Mum No Hands! – Keeping London cyclists in coffee and cake. If you haven't been refreshed here, seen a film or attended a book launch at LMNH, you haven't experienced the London cycling scene. A true icon. Three guys who left the City to follow their dream and won.

Rapha – The Pink Pioneers. Despite our cheek, we really respect Rapha. They started a revolution in design and presentation long before the great cycling revolution in the UK had begun. Haven't they done well! I mean, blimey, they even sponsor Team Sky. They've come a very long way. It'd be rude not to encourage you to vote for them, especially if you follow road cycling. They've had an enormous influence on what cycling now is to us.

Vulpine – The tag is up to you. We're British, so blowing your own trumpet is a bit naff (though I often do it anyway). So we're two years old. We have equal men's and women's ranges. We headline Matrix Vulpine, who recently did the Women's Tour of Britain. We hold charity events like the Vulpine Cycling Fetes and Cyclogames.

Vulpine CycloGames 2013, "Silly cycling competitions to be taken slightly seriously" from Vulpine on Vimeo.


We speak out on the issues that matter. We make swanky kit, but its not just about that. It's about encouraging all cycling. You probably shouldn't vote for us though, because Jools would cry and ruin her dress.


Please vote for someone you like. It's fun, and supports British businesses. Thanks for reading!



*Cream buns subject to availability. (There are no cream buns on our industrial estate in Wandsworth.)

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