The Photographer You May Not Know You Know

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Geoff Waugh is a part of British creativity, style and cycling. Here are some of his favourite images

Selecting images from an archive as large as mine is one of the most difficult things to do. I want to show my recent work off since I believe being creative means pushing forward and trying not to go over old ground; trying not to live in the comfort zone of what has worked before. That may keep some people happy but I know through experience I am not one of them.  

So, only a couple of pictures here were taken more than a year or two ago. And they are probably the mountain bike images because the flow of my work has followed the current road bike boom.  No apologies there: we all have to make a living!  So tuck in and enjoy. Let us know what your favourites are – and why… 



Sunset over the Bontrager 2412. I had to include a sunset didn’t I? Everyone loves a sunset or there wouldn’t be so many plastering the internet on a daily basis. The sky really burned for a while and I made haste to the transition zone and as luck would have it an outstretched arm really made the pic for me. Whoever it belongs to I thank you! 



Lone rider in Swinley Forest, Berkshire. Caught at the end of a bike test shoot. I asked the rider to toddle off up the trail and shot directly into the beautiful late afternoon light. Winner winner chicken dinner! 



Reflecting on glory. I covered the whole of the 2013/14 Revolution track series and this kind of candid image is what I was there to do. Here’s the big guys waiting for their Keirin event to be called up. 



Mellow yellow Neon. A great time of year to catch this kind of image: like a UK version of the done-a-million-times sunflower shot from the Tour de France. (I don’t have that one. Natch.) This was on the Neon Velo team launch as they trained around the Hertfordshire backroads. 



Descending the Col du Braus above Nice, France. Taken after a commission on the Tour de France when I had some time to kill before my flight.  Well worth holding onto the rental for a few hours more.



The Holleweg cobble section of the 2014 Tour of Flanders. You can see that the cobbles are more uniform and less punishing than those of the Paris Roubaix race: it is the climbs that dish out the real pain. 



Quickstep’s Niki Terpstra winning the 2014 Paris Roubaix as seen on the big screen at the famous Carrefour de L’Arbre section of the race. Terpstra was still with the leaders when he came through at this point and knowing I couldn’t make the finish in time I watched it unfold on the screen. Secretly, I was hoping for a French winner for the celebration photo.



The Paris Roubaix peloton still altogether on the early Quievey cobble section. A long lens and the rapeseed and backlit dust made this shot. Mayhem! 

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