Vulpine in Napoli

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Two hot days in Napoli, tearing up the streets to shoot our Summer product.

Behind the scences in Napoli; Pizza, Gelato and crazy street riding.

Renowned for its architecture, Pizzerias and sunshine, Napoli was the perfect location for a few days out of the office to ride, and shoot our summer garments. We packed up the bikes, jumped on a plane for an exciting few days in the beautifully gritty Italian city of Napoli.



Taking to our bikes (and scooter, baptism of fire for Robin) to explore the city’s ancient streets, drink coffee & ride in the city where the traffic is often described as ‘Pleasurable Chaos’ and where the locals affectionatly regard traffic lights as ‘Christmas Decorations’.

Photos taken from our Instagram feeds ( @jameogreig @robin_godden @twotoneams @rideridejessie )


We ate more than our fair share of pizza, 48 hours in Napoli – Streets were narrow with laundry hanging from side to side.


Robin tore up the streets on his classic italian Vespa underpowered scooter, photogapher Paul Calver captured every moment.


I was infront of the camera and also spent time behind it, getting the right shots with Paul. Jon, adorns his Garmin with a flower.


We stayed in an apartment in the narrow streets of the old town, the kitchen window opened into the oldest church in Napoli.


The sun set behind the Island of Capri. In the crazy traffic jams of Naples riding seemed logical, but the cars weren't happy about it.


The Itialian Polizia took a more than healthy interest in us riding our bikes. Jess rode a HOY, me my Feather and Jon his Six-Eleven.


James and Jon wore Vulpine Summer trousers and shorts, with the new Vulpine City Socks. Shop the new range here.


Jess wore Vulpine Women's Summer trousers and shorts, with the new Women's Classic DriFit T-Shirt. Shop the new range here.


Five of us stayed in ALEPH, in Napoli's old town, booked through Airbnb. British Airways operate daily flights to Napoli from London Gatwick and carry packed bikes at no extra cost. We rented a moped for €80 but we'd recomend just riding bikes (ideally with gears, it's a bit hilly!), Mount Vesuvius is a short ride out of town and can be ascended on two wheels for great views of the city beneath.

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