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Vulpine’s Nick went out to find his ultimate commuter machine. He thought he’d found it in the Colourbolt. Did he?

Jay, founder of Colourbolt, and Andy of Kinoko look on studiously (or bored) as I do endless laps on my new steed.

I went out to find my ultimate commuter machine. I thought I'd found it in the Colourbolt. Did I?

All images by Josh Greet.

The moment I received it, coming down the stairs at Kinoko Cycles in Soho. Big grin!


Black, with a bit of shiny. Understatement central. Maybe enough to get away with some thief walking past it, locked to railings. Maybe not.


Ambrosio singlespeed wheels. The gear is 46 x 16. Fine for dead flat flying, but I'm a spinner and South West London has some lumps, so I reckon an 18 on the back is better. The hub is flip flop though. I want to get lockable wheel nuts for the skewers.


Columbus carbon fork really sets off an otherwise all metal bike. Posh.


Nitto Moustache bars. Gentile. And great for my back…In theory.


Totally not set up pose on Golden Square in Soho. It is bloody gorgeous that bike. Look at it. Woof.


I had to try really hard not to crack up here. Josh was very patient. Poor Josh. LOOK AT THAT BIKE EH!


The Colourbolt itself. Red on the driveside is Colourbolt's colour, green on the other for Vulpine.


Time to ride! Giving it some through the corners of Golden Square. It really kicks. The geometry is tight, the bars are ideal for my sit-up traffic-friendly position, but when you turn them, it turns tight. Great fun. I was really leaning into the corners and attempting not to mow down lemmings/peds. The brakes work really well!


Thought I'd wear black/charcoal in honour of the matt black paint job. Sadly I do actually think about these things. You'd get your head kicked in for saying that, where I grew up.


EOOWWWWWWWWWWW. Whoosh whoosh.



These images were taken 7 weeks ago. Since then I've had a chance to use it about 4 times a week, mostly to and from Vulpine Central Command (4 miles) but also into Central London and back.

I still can't bring myself to lock it up outside. This bike is not cheap. Its a work of art. Handbuilt to my exact spec in Coventry by legend Lee Cooper. Some bling kit. I can't bear to think of it going.

But how does it perform? Well, I never changed that gear. I decided to stick with the big 46 x 16 and grind it out. My strength has increased noticeably and I use it as a bit of cheeky commute training on my wee 4 mile run each way.

It is absolutely silent. Nothing rattles. Nothing rattles when I hit bumps. It is absolutely rock solid and no bits have needed adjusting.

The fit is the best of all my bikes. The bars are awesome and they allow a geometry that keeps the bike fun. My Feather is very unusual and doesn't swing around corners like this. Utterly dependable, but I bit samey. This thing jumps when I want it to and sits when I'm pottering.

The shock absorbing frame is ideal for crappy London roads. I get no nasty shocks or road buzz. It is genuinely sublime.

The SKS mudguards are rock solid. So glad I got them fitted. I've removed the Splash Guard from my Original Rain Jacket for commuting, as my bum is splash free.

I've added lights, James gave me a beautiful steel bell to fit to it and I swapped the flat pedals for SPDs, as I prefer to pull on the upstroke. That's all I've changed.

Is it the Ultimate Commuter Bike? Who knows. It's MY ultimate. Its everything I wanted. It is quick, planted, comfortable, stylish but not overstated, British, individual but blends in.

The Feather is feeling very left out…




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