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My name is Jon Knight and I started here last week. I’m the first dedicated Service Manager.

Hello. My name is Jon Knight and I started working at Vulpine last week. I’m the first dedicated Service Manager. There’s so much change, with such a positive, friendly and can – do attitude. There is no gun to my head!… (eek)

And as you're probably not too surprised (and possibly reassured, or even bored) to hear ­ service fascinates me!

As a general rule the ‘service’ we receive from British companies is total pants. So many complacent and even arrogant firms seemed uninterested in the needs of their customers and the expectation seems to be that you fit in with them.

We see this writ large when many of you contact us for the first time. Many of you go in all guns blazing to get through our impenetrable carapace of indifference… Only to find we do our utmost immediately, often replying in minutes. We don’t mess about!

By the way, if it's taken longer or ever missed an enquiry – and we have – Nick apologises. We’re growing fast and it's hard to cover all bases. That’s why I’m here! No more missed enquiries.

There are no recorded messages, no “your call is valuable to us” or “press 7 if you are still sane” repetitions. That’s because we just answer the phone. Out of office hours, we even all get emailed a sound file of your message and we call you from our mobile! That’s how committed we are (though we do sleep).

It all boils down to who takes priority. Our customers provide our revenue. Its been said before but so often without meaning. We are a small company. Without you we are nothing.

We also really encourage you to provide us with feedback to improve our garments and service.

My name is Jon and I am actually genuinely happy to help. I enjoy what I do.

Call me here at Vulpine on +44 (0)20 3151 4100. Or email me at Most often I’ll answer, but maybe Jools, James or our founder Nick will. We all get stuck in. We like people. We care. We’re not just told to care.

Here are the aims and intentions for our customer service:

  • You are only one step away from someone who cares deeply about and is indeed up to their necks in what the Vulpine does. We are small and every compliment or ill word counts to us. That is the only way. We’re also pretty nice. Honest!
  • We are real people and we’ll treat you as such. We share a passion for riding our bikes. We like a good chat and to tell you exactly how it is. Its more fun engaging with you for real.
  • Honesty is the best policy. Always. No brick walls or avoidance. That’s easy for us, our gear is really high quality, we don’t get many complaints. And when they do, we make sure we explain everything and get it sorted. Honesty also means that if a garment has been mistreated, we’ll also say so. We’re not a big company and returns that aren't our fault can really hit us.
  • We will not attempt to dazzle you with technobabble product lingo. Whether you already know about the silicon treatment on the cotton yarn of Epic cotton, or not, is not a prerequisite on whether you are somehow worthy to own it. We are more than happy to provide any explanations you need in plain terms. No RX Omega System 500 Velocity Chassis here. The products are good enough to stand on their own.
  • We will get reply to your contact within 24 hours. Any enquiry sent in any form. Twitter, Facebook, phonecall or email. Time is precious and we don't want to waste yours. 24 hours is a maximum. You’ll more often that not often find it's immediate. Including weekends.
  • Quality is paramount! We would like to hear about even the smallest defects. We obsess about our products to the minutest detail. You may have read this elsewhere, but reviews always talk about our “obsessive attention to detail”. Every problem makes us cringe. We have an incredibly low defect and returns rate, but there’ll always be a few bits that get through. If you have a bust seam or dangly button, email us. We’ll repair it and get it back to you.
  • Feedback goes straight to the right places and will help us make things better in the future. So please don’t hesitate to let us know. Our hugely successful Alpine Jerseys were only made because you asked for them. Ask! Tell!

Handy stuff for you to know, if you don’t already:

  • Postage is free in the UK on everything. And almost all our customers receive their garment the next day, if you order before 2pm the previous day. We mail by Recorded 1st Class. Quick! And rather more convenient for most, than a courier.
  • If you’re outside the UK, quick postage is also free! We’re going to change that slightly, once we’re selling sock and caps soon, but it’ll be a low minimum purchase.
  • If you buy outside the European Union you actually save 20% on UK prices! We don’t pass on the UK sales tax (VAT.), so it's exceptional value!
  • Value isn’t the same as cheap. We firmly believe we offer outstanding value. No, we’re not cheap. But you get so much longevity and performance for your hard earned Pound, Dollar, Yen or Euro. We don’t just make a thing and stick a price on it. We’re here for the long run. You have to be happy.


Bingo. I hope you feel comfy buying from us. We’ve tried to make it as easy and worry free as possible. I’m waving from over here, waiting to help out. 

No, really.

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