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If you’re going away on a shoot, you might as well have a laugh.

Jess and Kat feel the burn up a 1 in 7 as Paul shoots over incredible countryside.

If you’re going away on a shoot, you might as well have a laugh.

We wanted to step up the photography again and give us something to remember. Emmalou is from Lancashire and we got married there, so I know it extremely well. The Trough of Bowland has an extraordinary range of beautiful locations and I know every twist and turn, so we packed up the van with bikes, lashings of Red Bull and a bucket of Jaffa Cakes and off we went.

You might also notice our new range of Original Rain Jackets, Harrington Rain Jackets, Cotton Rain Trousers and Cotton Rain Shorts for men and women. There was a very serious (not terribly serious) point to the shoot. They’re available for pre-order next week, for delivery late September.

Thanks you to:

Jools and James for stepping behind the camera to help. What help it was too!

Pro photochap Paul Calver for being, well, pro.

Jess Duffy for playing bike polo in the middle of nowhere, riding like a god, pulling endos and laughing a lot a lot.

Jo Burt for jumping off things on MTBs and CX and being really nice, despite the mental journey over the Trough of Bowland in the dark and getting air in his lovely car.

Josh Greet for grinning sweetly as he hammered along at lightspeed and for causing me a great deal of lactic pain. I actually appreciated it Just.

Kat Spencer for riding up the same really steep stuff loads of times whilst looking infinitely cool and elegant and not hating us. And for being a force of nature again.

Matt Stephens for being lovely, for pushing me up steep hills and giving me the chance to say I’ve ridden with a British National Road Champ. When I say rode, I mean helped by.

Relief. Definitely chose a great location. This spot is between the Inn at Whitewell, where we got married, and Chipping, where Emmalou grew up.

Jess, Josh, Matt & Kat, ready for torture in beautiful surroundings. Reward: Lashings of gin.

Worth showing because Jess is so strong and normally so composed it demonstrates how hard this climb really is.

Kat is the old hand, she knows there’s no stopping before the top. Matt and Jess express concern, Josh just smiles, as usual. Hurrah!

Yea! The top! "Now go down and do it again", says Paul. Oh.

Its all forgotten as we eat at the superb Whitewell. Along came Emmalou, her Mum Leonie and my son Millar. And Lily dog, of course.

From left to right round table (oops, too little depth of focus): Millar, me, Jess, Kat, Jools, Leonie, Emmalou, Paul, Josh, Matt, James, Lily.

Jess and my boy. Its not nearly as hard to go away when its with friends. And far far better when you can see family.

Mrs. Vulpine and Master V. These guys are more important than anything to me. Including cycling.

This is the exact spot where we were married. Right in front of that fireplace. I may have had a small moment. Maybe.

The quiet before the climbs.

Behind that door is a very very special collaboration. But being a tease, you’ll have to wait until the New Year. I know, I know.

His Royal Paulness of Calver surveys his domane: The Visual.

Back to Whitewell after shooting until dark on the first day. Paul and James start editing as we tuck into rich food and booze. Jo joined us after a mammoth journey from the South Coast (which is why you don’t see many images of him).

Continuing our use of images in a strange but relevant context, but out of their normal space from our last shoot, we asked everyone to send images that were important to them or showed how they’d changed, then we printed them to canvas. Here is Tilly, Jo Burt’s greatly missed little cat. We shot her with Jo right at the end of the shoot in dappled sunlight under a bridge in near silence. Joking apart, it really was emotional.

LYCRA RIDE! Sometimes you’ve got to know where you come from to know where you’re going. To bookend an incredible few days five of us rode out onto the Trough of Bowland on the Tuesday evening. I had my lungs ripped out by these guys, who were very strong. My first group ride for years, after injury. I absolutely loved it. I even enjoyed Matt’s hand on my bum as he pushed me back to the group up every rise. I came back burnt up, glowing and very very happy as the sun went down.

Here a considerably bigger me in my Matrix Fitness Racing Academy jersey, holding an image from me after a race aged 19. Then Jo with the pencil he’s used on every sketch since he was 18. James carries an image of him on his tricycle. Matt with his 18 year old self in club jersey. Jess is at Graceland, paying homage to Elvis. And Josh shows an image of him racing, where he won from a solo breakaway.

The whole shoot was exhausting, but immense fun. Its everything I hoped Vulpine would be and more. Now we have to decide where the next one is!


  1. Sounds like you guys had an amazing time – Friends, family & pets.. A lovely bunch of people & what makes Vulpine just so damned nice
    Keep it up x

  2. Gorgeous pics and thanks for the reminder of the sublime Inn at Whitewell.

    What an amazing wedding venue that must have been.

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