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Help Vulpine defeat two of cycling’s giants to be named Best Brand at the London Cycling Awards!….We think Rapha and Specialized are ace, but we’ve only been going a year. And we’re biased.

Vulpine is a London cycling company that launched in March 2012. One year. Blimey.

We came with a friendly agenda, not just to sell stuff: That cycling doesn’t need snobbery, to make cycling fun again, that creativity and bikes are like cheese and pickle, we should help cycling to a better place, that every ride is valid and awesome.

We have been nominated as Best Brand at the London Cycling Awards. Its a huge deal for us. Our fellow nominees are huge brands that we really admire, Specialized and Rapha. We can’t quite believe we’re amongst two giants of cycling already. So we thought we’d have a little tongue in cheek fun.

…We are the underdogs. We don’t expect to win. But we could, couldn’t we? You have supported us this far and we are so grateful. Can you help us win, and create one of those cheesy movie moments where the kids win out against the cynical adults and we all hug at the end and jump in the air as the geeetar music plays and the credits roll?

IF YOU WANT TO VOTE FOR US, CLICK HERE. Its dead quick and easy. If you don’t want to vote for us, hell, do it anyway. Democracy in action.

So why do we deserve it? Well, putting aside our natural British uneasiness with blowing our own trumpet (actually, we’re not finding toooo painful):

We created the Vulpine Cycling Fetes, supporting young cycling businesses and cycling as a whole. Free to attend, free for the brands and artists, apart from a fee that goes to London Cycling Charities like:
Save Herne Hill Velodrome
Wheels For Wellbeing
Rollapaluza Outreach

This was the first. This was the Xmas one. The next Vulpine Cycling Fetes will be in London and are about to be announced.

We produce clothing for all cyclists. Our women’s range is expanding again next week and we aim to be 50/50 within as soon as poss.

We support Matrix Fitness Racing Academy, a friendly elite women’s team looking to help women in cycling from elite to first-ride level. They produce Olympic Gold medalists. Lorks!

We are part of Fan Backed Women’s Cycling, also helping women get into racing, at circuits in London and beyond.

We back Trek-Cyclismas Pro Commuter Team. A tongue in cheek movement to get more people cycling to work and have a laugh along the way.

We believe in The New Cycling.

We are founded and owned by Londoners (admittedly ex-Northerners, gulp) plus based in London. About Vulpine‘.

We are honest. To a fault?

We support and are stocked in friendly London cycling business Tokyo Fixed, Bike Boutique and Cycle Surgery.

Our models are always our cycling friends. Not sure how relevant that is, but hey, its quite nice?

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we fipping love ALL cycling.

Other stuff we just forgot. Ummmm…

Prepare the slingshot/tricycle.

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