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How often can you say you’ve exhibited at the V&A?!


The stand before we opened. Bike and Vulpine gear to the left. Along the bottom at rear, illustrations of Nick’s favourite cycling moment, when Greg Lemond beat Laurent Fignon by 8 seconds in the ’89 TDF, by Andy Arthur and Rich Mitchelson. Above them are part of Nick’s collection of cranks from the last three decades, his favourite bike bit! There are piles of books fronted by bunting from the Vulpine Cycling Fetes. A roll of paper ready to receive everyone’s rides and destinations (see below). The letters in front of the table are the initials of Nick’s family, along with a picture by Discerning Cyclist of his pregnant wife and Lily dog (obscured). To the far right is a picture of Elvis on toast (Hovis Presley) signifying the importance of not taking yourself too seriously. Around this are images of baby Milar, Lily the dog and an illustration by Us Design for Millar. The clothes hanging up are his old racing skinsuits, representing his Nick’s racing lycra-clad past. The weird jacket and tweed coat are desribed below. The purple jacket is from an Agnes B men’s suit. It influenced a love of clean colours, with a twist.

For one night only, one of the most stunning and iconic buildings in London was taken over by cycling culture.

Last Friday the V&A museum played host to Eat, Ride, Sleep, Repeat: March’s Friday Late event. In collaboration with Bike V Design, the evening celebrated design culture inspired by the bicycle. The diverse and rich world of the bike was represented with art, graphic design, workshops, demos and talks… and Vulpine was there, showcasing the influences and culture behind what we do.

Everything on the Vulpine stand told a story about the company and what goes into making Vulpine what it is. From his early racing days though outlandish fashion tastes (yes, THAT polystyrene filled puffer jacket), love of British tailoring, cycling artists and photographers, books and the support of his family, founder Nick Hussey’s influences all went into creating the apparel we now offer.

A Gresham Blake bespoke long coat hangs next to a unique Pepe Jeans puffer jacket. Nick was given weird stuff to wear by Pepe when he did the door of a club in Manchester. The balls vibrated (no longer)! Nick here is explaining it took wearing the mad stuff to appreciate the subtleties of fine British understatement, with a twist.

James (Head of Design) cues up our favourites tracks. Music is a huge part of what we do. The Maccabees are a huge favourite. We put in the Richard Burton reading of Under Milk Wood, as it says so much about the beauty of ordinary people. "Its like humanirty distilled" says Nick.

Jools explaining what the hell all this stuf means!

Samples of our new ranges sit besiides Nick’s Feather. We were constantly asked if he rode it. Of course! Check out the dinks in the paintwork and ‘authentic’ mud!

What a location!

Nick’s wife Emmalou, an instrumental influence on setting Vulpine up. Nick has ben with her since they are very young. Perhaps there is no stronger influence on Vulpine, after cycling itself?!

We asked everyone to write down their Ride and Destination. And here they are:

  • Ride down the Galibier in the rain for a huge steak dinner.
  • Ride to Maltby St on my Pashley Princess, to St John donuts and coffee.
  • Riding over Presold Hills in Wales, to the Galdstone Pub in Borough.
  • Dulwich for breakfast.
  • Endlessly through London.
  • Riding in the canadian mountains through snow and woodland. That would be awesome.
  • Anywhere that will have me.
  • To Highbury and back, St John’s Wood to Waterloo, then the Southbank.
  • Cycling the coast of Vietnam of 2 weeks. Amazing people and scenes.
  • Any bridge in London, North to South, South to North and back until I’m flat.
  • Riding over Waterloo Bridge at Dawn.
  • Sunday morning ride to Epping Forest from Brick Lane Market.
  • Up and down through the Surrey Hills.
  • Ride along the banks of the Cam, along to Grantchester Meadows top sit under a tree in the sunshine. *RANDOMLY CHOSEN TO WIN A VULPINE MERINO BUTTON JERSEY!*
  • Meet the homies for a beer and zoot, listen to hip hop on a portable amp, the fixie life is great. I also like to trackstand at traffic lights to look cool.
  • Chiswick to Osterey and back.
  • Club Le Santa over Tabayasco, Lanzarote. Hard but stunning.
  • Saturday morning up and down Richmond Park hills. Circlejerks LFGSS, Westminster, start at 11am.
  • Atlanta, GA, midnight ride, Little Five Points – Buckhead.
  • Going really really fast down a big hill in Richmond Park. Best *can’t read* for cycling up the other hill.
  • My fave ride is from Kingston Upon Thames to Westminster Abbey via Thames Path on my Orange Jopo.
  • Coramandel Peninsula, NZ. Hill-by-Dust.
  • Escape to Hackney.
  • We cycled Manchester to Stockholm in October 2011, 1 month!
  • The early morning lanes of Norfolk on my Specialized.
  • From Old Street roundabout down to St Pancras, the descent is a lot of fun, though the buses can be annoying.
  • Atlantic Road, Norway.
  • Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, hard to get on, but a really really beautiful view.
  • Down by the canal Camden.
  • Five Boroughs of New York City.
  • Down the hill in Santiago, Cuba, where I learnt drop bar bike riding.
  • Clapton – Stockwelll via London Bridge.
  • Bike to Jedda, Saudi Arabia. Too many visas required!
  • 30 years ago over Vauxhall Bridge, in the early morning mist I heard a parrot in the distance. A minute later a motor cyclist with a green parrot on his shoulder went past.
  • Destination V&A.
  • Bike ride down to the beach from my villa in Ibiza.
  • Chestnut Avenue when the blossoms are out. Breath.
  • The Crab and Winkle Way in Kent. All the way along the coast to Margate.
  • The Bridges, five borough New York bike ride.
  • After 12 grueling hours on the ward, my ride home!
  • Dulwich Dynamo 2012. It was my first long ride. Overnight in a tailwind, arriving on the beach as the sun was rising. Bliss.
  • China, Japan, South America, The Great Divide MTB route would be nice.
  • La-Vie-Vert in Burgundy, France with my love teaching me how to do emergency stops on the miles and miles of empty track.
  • Bethnal Green via St Pauls, down past Trafalgar Square, up to Buckingham Palace.
  • Dorking CC, D3 saturday run, with fresh legs and a gorgeous espresso and cake to end a perfect morning.
  • Viva Les fireflies, great to see you tonight
  • Through the rolling kentish countryside – london to canterbury in 2011
  • First warm day of spring, squealing down every hill – bliss!
  • Random ride near Reading, there was a Badger
  • 2012 Hong Kong, my brother and I rode to Nam Shang Wei
  • St Crispins day and night ride – it was cold, it was horrible, i ALMOST HIT A DEAD BADGER… LOOKING Forward to next years
  • Lee Valley on an easy day
  • Riding along the Rhine with the Haneke Brothers – awesome!
  • Laps of Richmond Park overtaking all the cars
  • To the coast on a beach cruiser
  • Los naranjos caracas
  • Herne Hill Good Friday meeting – came here after!
  • Riding along the green chain walk in south london, stopping every now and then to have a smoke
  • Critical Mass tonight and came here
  • Jurmatea Beach ride!
  • Around Sheffield Uni and Peak District
  • London to Helsinki this summer
  • London is full of great cycling routes
  • Maida Vale to Golders Hill Park
  • Pedaling to Zen one push at a a time
  • Down Runyon Canyon, LA
  • Love you!
  • *A picture of a giant chicken with claws*
  • *Childs writing* – This summer I am going to Gdansk.
  • Backies from New Cross to Camberwell.
  • *picture of stick cyclist jumping huge ramp*
  • Katmandu to Pokhra (Nepal) in Autumn
  • Mt Baldy CA, Vs Swains Lane, London
  • Along Lonsdale Road SW13 with a view of the Thames up to Hammersmith Bridge
  • Fulham Palace Meadow Allotments
  • To the pub and back
  • The ride home
  • to my sisters allotment in West Norwood to Battersea through Brockwell Park and Clapham Common
  • My favourite place to cycle is Highway one in California – absolutely beautiful and I would recommend it to anyone
  • Canterbury to Whitstable in time for Beer and oysters
  • Riding as a teenager around Lady Bower damn and peak district
  • From the US to UK, Waterloo to London Bridge
  • Alle born bon cykler til skole!
  • London to Dunwich 2013, 1st maiden journey only decided on doing it at 5pm the same day, 120 miles + 30 to Ipswich best night ever after having a baby.

It was a spectacular evening, and was incredibly special to be exhibiting Vulpine in the V&A – something we could have never imagined we’d be doing so soon. Thank you to those of you who came along and took part in our Ride and Destination competition. The randomly chosen winner was!:

Ride along the banks of the Cam, along to Grantchester Meadows top sit under a tree in the sunshine. – Leire Doyle.

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