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Today Vulpine can announce that we have taken on Chanel Design Manager James Greig. James is the smashing blonde chap who’s been wearing our gear in the photography since we launched.

It’s a coincidence, honest. We don’t use the photoshoots as staff selection days… OR DO WE?…

What am I banging on about? Well today Vulpine can announce that we’ve taken on James Greig. James previously looked after huge design projects for massive international luxury fashion brand Chanel. He’s also the smashing blonde chap who’s been wearing our gear in the photography since we launched. He’s one of our Fit Friends.

For a wee startup like ours to catch such a big (and friendly) fish like that is hugely exciting. He’s going to be taking the design work off my hands, which is a relief as we’re so busy its been hard for me to apply my usual annoyingly finicky standards to everything and stay sane.

James will oversee garment design and manufacturing, web design, stuff to support our retail partners (or shops, as we like to call them), and everything in between and beyond. It’ll give me time to concentrate on ideas, baby Millar, dogs and riding a bike. I mean work, lots of work.

I met James in October 2011 after some shared interests spotted on Twitter; Clothing, Feather Cycles (he owns the beautiful fixie you’ll have spotted him riding in our garments), dogs and doing things ‘right’, morally and in terms of quality. He spent time with those nice guys Howies too, so he knows nice.

He’s an original good guy, a great cyclist, ex-racer, multiple bike owner, has an eye for detail and office dog Lily likes to lick him. He and Jools will be fighting for canine attention in Vulpine central command and generally trying to out-friendly each other.

James is @jameogreig on Twitter. Say hi.

What a lovely way to work and expand a dream. Exciting.

(Note to self: Must stop employing Vulpine models)

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