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Jools talks about her 1st month in the job

The past 4 weeks have seen my heart race with excitement every morning when I wake up; my mind bursting with information and ideas about something I love and my soul feeling more fired-up than it has for the last seven working years of my life.

Feel free to call me overly emotional, because when it comes to cycling, I am. It’s a huge part of me and what I’m about – Nick saw that in me and now I’m working alongside him… and of course Lily-Pup. Still pinching myself about that too.

Image by Guy Collier

My first month at Vulpine feels like a dream. But it’s not; I’m finally in a world that gets my blood pumping, and working with people who are so unbelievably passionate about cycling and style makes me feel more alive than ever before. My first taste of this was helping at the Christmas Cycling Fete. I admit (and The Boy will confirm), I was beyond nervous about it; this was less than two weeks in my role, I was still VERY new and it was down to me to get things organised that morning. That would be me arranging the Vulpine stall & making sure everything we needed was there, me being the first point of contact for all the brilliant stallholders taking part, and me not cocking the whole thing up before Nick arrived! I think it’s safe to say that I did an alright job of it. Now I’m chomping at the bit working on organising the Fetes lined-up for 2013.

I can be truly creative, and not be shot down for thinking aloud at work. The cycling fashionista in me is screaming for joy over this; I have input in the design of Vulpine Garments! When I saw Nick’s designs for the first time, I was beyond impressed with what I saw and that he nailed it when it comes to stylish cycling. Now, fastworward nine months I’M involved in working on the clothing! Yeah, I’m bouncing off the walls about this like you wouldn’t believe.

Getting to know new and like minded, cycling-mad people has been awesome; from meeting and answering queries from customers, talking to journalists & working with our stockists… it’s a lot of work, meaning my role has a lot of range… and that for me is a LOT OF FUN.

I feeling inspired every day working with Nick and Philip. We’re bouncing ideas off one another, having that shared passion for all things bike & style related. There is another shared passion too; The New Cycling. When I started my blog, I talked about a Cycle Revolution. Me and Nick were both singing from the same hymn sheet; it doesn’t matter what you ride and how you ride it. No cliques, no snobbery – none of that. Friendliness, all encompassing, welcoming, passionate, growing…

Women’s Cycling in 2012 has been amazing and so emotional for me… and I can’t wait for what’s to come in 2013. FANBACKEDWOMENSCYCLING. Being involved with this with Vulpine; this fills me with pride & ridiculous amounts of "OMG, OMG, OMG!!!". I think it’s safe to say that I’m just a tad excited about it all. t’s almost crazy thinking about it all – stepping back, looking over the past year in cycling and for me personally the last month, and what I’m doing now.

Two years ago I started a blog.

It was all about getting back on a bike after a ten year absence from cycling, getting that sense of freedom back & keeping it chic on two wheels. It’s fair to say a lot has happened since that day in March 2010, taking me on some unexpected and fantastic journeys. The latest one has been one of the biggest of them all… and I know it’s just going to get even bigger and even better.

I’m enjoying being The New Girl.

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