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We use ‘real’ people to model. Actual friends who really do love bikes and cycling. You can’t fake that. So here are the friends who’ve helped us so far.

Vulpine is all about passion and love of cycling. So we decided a long time ago that we’d use ‘real’ people for all our shoots. Actual friends who really do love bikes and cycling. Plus we wanted the shoots to be a genuine laugh.

So here are the friends who’ve kindly helped us so far.

We’ve included their sizing as well, so you can compare fit and get a clearer comparison.

Beth (launch shoot)

Beth is a very clued up sassy, fiercly intelligent lady. She works for a big online fashion label. And she’s from Skeggy. Beth is a hybrid commuter cyclist and used to go out with a top racing cyclist, laughing at his shaved legs, which is only fair.

She is 5’11" tall, is slim but athletic build, a size 10 (women’s Small) or Men’s Small in Vulpine.

James (all shoots)

Welsh James is Vulpine’s Head of Design, leaving Chanel to join us in March 2013. An incredibly level headed and wholesome chap, he’s an ex-racing cyclist and fast ascender of mountains. He’s just got back into road after a purely fixed period as planning riding the mountains of the Tour de France asap. He owns a handmade Feather, as does Nick. His partner is Victoria, below. Awww.

James is 6’1" tall, a slim build, a size small in all Vulpine tops, Small in trousers and shorts, size Medium in headwear.

Jon (launch shoot)

Jon is a lovely evergreen gent, has an extremely impressive chin and works for a top design agency (see a theme here?) He just loves being a roadie.

Jon is 6’2" tall, slim but athletic build, and a size Large in Vulpine.

Jools (all shoots)

Jools is @LadyVelo on Twitter and creates the influencial style blog Velo City Girl. She is Vulpine’s Head of Sales & Marketing and a presenter on The Cycle Show on ITV4. She is one of the most charismatic and genuine people you’ll ever meet. A real heart on sleeve person, and we love heart of sleeve people. She’s desperate for a dachsund, absolutely adores office terrier Lily and is a real foodie too. An East London lass, she’s all about pottering around London on her Pashley, accessorised with Tatty Devine, floaty dresses and shiny heels.

Jools is a 5’9" tall, with an hourglass figure, and has gone down from a size 14 (women’s Large) in 2012 images to a size 12 (women’s Medium) recently. Size Medium in headwear.

Kat (Summer 2012 shoot)

Kat is a clapper loader for film crews, and thrives amongst the very geezer film crews with her sense of humour and unpretentious affability. She loves to ride road, but not so much for training as the the joy of getting out and being with friends. Nivck knows her from a long Alpine charity ride they were involved in called The Fireflies Tour, when she worked for Ridley Scott’s production company.

Kat is 5’5" tall, quite slim and athletic build, and a size 10 (women’s Small) in Vulpine. Size Small in headwear.

Kate (Winter 2012 shoot)

Kate is the lovely wife of Paul (below) and runs a big casting agency in London, as well as being a Mum and ace person. She used to do modelling, but didn’t really enjoy it. She still has the knack though! She’s very much a picniccy family holiday rider.

Kate is 5’8" tall and a size 8 (Vulpine XS). She has a slim athletic figure and can also wear a men’s XS well. She’s a size Small in headwear.

Oli (launch shoot)

You won’t see much of Oli because we only got him for an afternoon. He never stops moving. Another incredible genuine sweet and pure hearted gent. An extremely fast and fearless downhill MTB racer. He’s just pure instinct. He likes folk music too, which is nice.

Oli is 5’9" tall, very slim and a size Small in Vulpine.

Paul (Winter 2012 shoot)

Paul is married to Kate and is a very big cheese for a very big music company. He’s also a GB age-group triathlete and a nigh-on perfect human being (actually, no one has checked his DNA. It might explain a lot). He’s still dead nice too. How annoying?! He also enjoys XC MTB racing and road rides at 5am, or something ridiculous.

Paul is 6’4" tall and is a Large in tops and Medium in trousers and shorts. He’s a Medium in headwear.

Stuart (launch shoot)

Stu is a BMX and downhill obsessive, who also knows Kat. He works in film production in New York. He’s devoted to his wife and sons, and a huge collection of bikes. He’s another ace person. (They all are, but I have to say it, sorry if its getting dull).

Stuart is 5’9" tall, is very slim and a size Small in Vulpine.

Tom(Summer 2012 shoot)

Tom is a senior chap at a well known British style label. He’s from near to where I grew up in the Midlands and I’ve caught him on an upward curve of cycling obession, mainly road. He gives damned good beard. Dammit.

Tom is 5’9" tall, of average build and a size Medium in Vulpine. Size Medium in headwear.

Victoria (Winter 2012 shoot)

Victoria is James’ partner and fellow Lily (our Jack Russell lover). She works for a mahoosive fashion brand and is, of course, a lovely gentle person. She isn’t terribly serious about cycling, enjoying a picnic potter to the an Alpine pain fest.

Victoria is a 5’7", has an hourglass figure and is a UK size 12, or ladies’ medium. She is a size small in headwear.

Wij (Summer 2012 shoot)

Another Firefly, like Kat & Stu, Wij has a smile that can irradiate galaxies. He’s runs a care home, is a kick boxing star, a road cycling/fixie addict and is an overjoyed new Dad. His muscular physique is offensive in its magnitude, so thankfully he’s such an absolute complete and utter gent. And no, those sideburns aren’t a homage to Wiggins, they’re always there.

Wij is 5’8" tall, has a muscular build and is a size medium in Vulpine. Size Medium in Headwear.

What unites them all is they are all incredibly kind hearted unpretentious people, lovers of cycling and design. And mildy good looking *cough*.

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