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Tokyo Fixed. Our UK retail outlet. Present at the Vulpine Cycling Fete. And reputation as The Coolest Bike Shop in Britain. But are they, like, nice? And WHY IS EVERYONE CALLED JACOB?

Vulpine is an online brand. But when we got approached by Max at Tokyo Fixed, we were like, er, YEA! They’re really behind us. And the feedback is really useful.

But something I worried about was whether they were the type of bike shop where the assistants stand behind the counter, arms folded, waiting for you to prove that you deserve your time. I can’t stand that attitude, and I’ve found myself intimidated walking into bike shops in the past, where frankly I should be telling them what’s what.

So I did my research, asked around, and got to know them a bit. And I discovered many things. The main info being that these guys love cycling, they’re top people, and they are ALL CALLED JACOB. Well, apart from Max the owner and Andy the manager.


Tokyo Fixed don’t just do Fixed bikes. There’s a real eclectic mix of raod bikes, fixies, touring, mad hack bikes, hack MTBs getting repaired and everything between and beyond. They love bikes. Innit.

They also know their stuff, and live cycling. So that’s why we were keen for them to be the first to stock Vulpine. Its already proving to be a great mutual relationship. And they have things. Which are shiny. I like shiny.

Its likely Max and Andy will be doing a ride to the Vulpine Cycling Fete. You can seem them at Balham Bowls Club on the 4th of June, with their own range of bikes/frames and gizmos. Or camped out in Soho, next to the saucy shops selling filth.

Soho eh?

Max, owner, Andy, Manager and a Jacob. This Jacob actually runs Chipotle in the UK and has served Mexican to Garmin Cervelo. Jealous. (NB: Those are attentive cycling shop faces, not grumpy faces).

Frames. Forks. Wheels. Stuff. Stuff for bikes. For riding.

Yup, another Jacob. He is a mechanic. He gives good face.

Andy is 6’7" tall. So you know which one he is in this image. He is a very very nice chap, and is highly unpretentious. He takes a small (large) amount of pleasure in gently teasing Max. Bless him. Oh look, there’s Chipotle Jacon again. And a customer. Hello customer.

Pretty. Bet that quick release isn’t Hippo friendly (do hippos use QRs?).

A consignment of Vulpine gear ready for the warehouse, behind a shiny lovely bike with a nice masculine Gent’s bell.

See this young chap? His name is Jacob. Now you’re starting to catch my drift.

This is Andy’s bike. He has so many spacers on the steerer, plus an extension, that it would worry and upset and concern you for his safety. Its a great tank of a bike. I like it. Function = beauty.

This is Max. He started selling Japanese parts online with his own cash, it took off, it got bigger. He is in his mid-Twenties. My entrepreneurialism is but a pathetic slug to his titanic lion of startup business.

Respect. Seriously.

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