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Now it gets serious. The prepping and welding of the frame. The polishing of beautiful things.
Not long now until it’s debut at the Vulpine Cycling Fete.

All images by Ricky Feather

Now it gets serious.

Ricky and I are busy creating an incredible all-rounder road bike. It’ll be super lighweight, be set up for mudguards and a rack, be incredibly comfortable, ride tight for my love of cornering AND be jaw droppingly beautiful. All in time for the Vulpine Cycling Fete on June 4th.

Ricky has spent this week prepping and welding the stainless steel lugs and tubes together. He’s added some wonderful unique touches just for me. I am wildly excited. Getting a Colnago made for you by Colnago in Italy is all fine and good, but its still from a template.

But here I can actually talk day to day with an incredibly skilled artisan full of ideas, making something EXACTLY to my body, type of riding and aesthetics. Its fantastic when someone is ahead of you and tells you what you want. And Ricky Feather has incredible ideas. That’s why he is so exciting. Not only does he love what he does, he is immensely skilled, approachable, has an amzing eye and is innovative without breaking those essential aesthetic rules. He moves things on whilst referring to the past.

Ricky says he’s loving building this bike, and I believe him. Its a great collaboration. We love bikes, we love cycling for its own sake, and we love creating beautiful things.

We’ve agreed on the paintjob and the component build so now its time to finish her off! SHINY.

Here I’ve concentrated on the evolution of one section of the bike. Its fascinating how it develops:

A screengrab of Ricky putting the geometry together. This amazing bike came from the original idea that I need a really unusual geometry, with a very long head tube and short top tube, due to my spine issues. Note the custom stem. Ricky is keen to point out that there won’t be that ugly bit sticking out on the stem! And the forks will be straight blade.

An amazing hand-cut lug, with Vulpine V perfectly copied from our logo. Everything slotted together for welding.

Ready for heat.

All burnt up. Still beautiful even now. But wait….

Cleaned up and ready for polishing.

How incredible is the work on that? I mean look! Look at it! I went berzerk when I saw this. WOW.

This is too much. I can’t believe it. Incredible. This is what I dream about. To create your image and see it in your favourite medium, in your favourite style, by someone at the top of their game. HUGE ADJECTIVE AND EXCLAMATION!

There’s plenty more I could show you, but we want there to be more surprises for the Vulpine Cycling Fete. So look out for it, we aim to make an incredible bike.


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