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I popped along for the Tour of Britain launch in Guildford and met a few racing type people and took some photos.

Those eyes! Malcolm Elliott. You can see he loves to compete.

All images Nick Hussey

I had the good fortune to be able to go along to the Tour of Britain Route Presentation in Guildord today, with Twitter friend @AccidentoBizaro. She’s a nice lady.

The presentation was fine. But what interests me is the people watching. I just love Malcolm Elliott and his lazer stare. What a man.

I also had a wee chat with Ned Boulting, who was charming, tolerant of my self-conscious ramblings about Vulpine, and looking very trim and dapper.

My first thoughts about the route were that it loks good for those watching, but the riders will be hacked off with the transfers. There are stages from my home town of Nottingham, my wife’s in Lancashire and a wee ride away from Vulpine Central Command in Surrey. The Surrey Hills being used are beasts, to me at least, and should cause some nice gear-grinding damage. Short but very sharp. Great spectator spots.

See you there.

Endura sensation Jon Tiernan-Locke didn’t look overjoyed to be in the press conference, but was polite and attentive.

Host Ned Boulting in unusually intense guise.

The Terrifying Skoda Yeti mascot, watching over the children singing, like a malevolent bringer of terror.

I had an earwig, and Simon Richardson is VERY good with the media.

Dan Craven being interviewed here, oozed charisma.

Mayor & Mayoress of Guildford. She was fascinted by that umbrella. Fascinated.

Jon Tiernan-Locke, highest ranking Pro Continental rider, chose to stay with Endura. And the press wanted a piece of him. He came 5th last year.


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