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Wind is air and air is an enemy. But the tailwind. Oh the tailwind!

Wind is air and air is an enemy.

The faster we ride, the more work we have to do against he air around us. I remember some factoid about there being a 1000kg of pressure on us from the atmosphere surrounding us. All those molecules smashing against our eyeballs, knuckles and earlobes to keep us from bursting!

So a cyclist’s enemy is wind. Trillions more molecules of nitrogen, CO2, oxygen clattering into us, slowing us down, pushing us into kerbs. We can hear the wind rushing past our ears, even when it’s still, because we’re passing through and against it.. We can hear the forces pushing us back.

But the tailwind. Oh the tailwind! A tailwind is silent.

You travel with the nitrogen. There is no resistance, each molecule nudging your back and legs and elbows. You fly. A struggling 15mph on the way out is 35 on the way back! You spin and all you hear is the whirr of rubber below you and the faint hum of transmission.

Tailwinds are the wonderful payback for a ride crouched, gripping the bars to stay upright.

And they rock.

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