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It occurred to me that I’ve created this website as a blog at first, without actually saying what Vulpine is, or will be.

Dead end, except cycling

Dead end, except cycling

It occurred to me that I’ve created this website as a blog at first, without actually saying what Vulpine is, or will be.

This time last year I left my job in film production to fulfill a dream I’ve had for a very long time:

1. To work for myself.
2. To work in cycling.
3. To do something that hadn’t been done before with cycling clothing.
4. To be proud of what I did.

With my wife’s support I’ve been spending our retirement money on just that. Plus we’ve had to sell some bikes and bits, and we’ve been going out a lot less! We have started spending a lot more on dog food though, as we’d always wanted a Jack Russell puppy, but we were never in to look after a dog. So I’m now the entreprenurial househusband, not the exhausted ghost from last year who passed through at night to eat and sleep, then disappeared again.

Making really fundamental decisions can be scary, but it’s usually not, as we have so much faith in Vulpine. I’ve learnt so much this year that my level of ignorance in January now seems laughable. But what has amazed me has been how helpful strangers have been. People who run companies who know I could be a rival have been the best! There is a sort of respect among such people, who know how hard it is, and how risky it can be, and they seem to go out of their way to help, through empathy or even sympathy! It’s a great source of warmth and glad heartedness after a career in an extremely harsh and often fake industry. Cyclists also happen to be lovely people as a whole, which helps.

So now everything is on track. The manufacturing process has started and the website proper (much bigger and better than this thing) is about to be coded. I’m meeting some fantastic cyclists, cycling photographers and writers who will be guest blogging and helping with the company as we go. And all in all I feel really good about where we’ve got to in a year. It seems like a long time, but it’s amazing how much there is to learn. The learning will never end.

We hope to make performance clothing for all cyclists and to benefit cycling, the first love of my life (my wife was the second, but she was 1996, not 1987!). Saccharine I know, but I can’t be cynical about things so close to my heart.

Sometime soon you’ll be able to see what the hell Vulpine really means, when the website flips, and your feedback would be hugely appreciated.

Take care,


  1. Thanks very much indeed Nick, Nick, John & Chris!
    Nick & John, it’ll be some months yet, as to get the quality bang on the manufacturing takes some time, with a lot of tweaking. Sigh.
    Chris, been a long time. Are you riding at all? Going to Fireflies drinks tonight?

  2. Subject to the usual goodies from a well known fellow British company that always end up under the Christmas tree, I am really looking forward to seeing what is coming. Went out today with a great new bunch of guys as there are nearly 30 of us doing the ‘easy’ Etape, so I will spread the word. Good luck and best wishes.

  3. That answers a few questions I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while now.

    You have my respect for starting your own business. When will the website be ready?

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