The Ultimate Guide To Urban Cycling

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Talk to somebody about cycling nowadays and the common images that spring up are of
LYCRA-CLAD FITNESS BUFFS pumping down dual carriageways or zooming round country lanes.

But cycling first began as a mode of urban transport, and still today the vast majority of cyclists are urban cyclists, wearing urban clothes. We’ve put together the comprehensive ultimate guide to urban cycling so you know what you’re doing and how best to do it when it comes to cycling around town.

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Vulpine in Sevilla: SS17 Photoshoot

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Last week we headed to the Andalusian capital of Sevilla, chasing summer sun in early February to shoot part one of Vulpine’s spring/summer 2017 collection. Although we did receive a smattering of rain on our first day in the city, for the rest of our short time there we were blessed with blue skies and warm rays. Ahead of the launch, we wanted to share with you our favourite spots and discoveries in beautiful Sevilla – and keep an eye out for some sneak peaks of the collection too!

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What Vulpine Believes In & How We Can Change Cycling

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Cycling is my life. Has been since 1986. Its never been better. But there’s so much more to do. I don’t just want to make things, I want to make cycling better. Therefore, that’s what Vulpine needs to do. Join me (said in a creepy cult leader way).

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2016’s Best Imagery

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We hope that you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas, with much merriment, eating, and hopefully some riding too. 2016 has been an busy year at Vulpine, and before we head into an incredibly exciting 2017, we wanted to take a look back over the last year and share some of our favourite memories, and stunning imagery with you. Enjoy – and have a brilliant 2017!

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Riding Berlin

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Berlin. Not one of the traditional European cycling capitals like Amsterdam & Copenhagen, but a city with a growing cycling culture and reputation as one of the urban cycling hubs of Europe. I’m not sure I’ve come across any other city with such a proliferation of cycle cafes and unique bike shops, such as Standert, Keirin, Cicli Berlinetta and Steel Vintage to name just a few; which are all contributing to making this city a cyclists paradise, along with world class cycling events like the Berliner Fahrradschau.

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A Grand Day Out

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Christmas is a magical (if somewhat manic) time of the year in London, and if you’re heading to the city for shopping or visiting family & friends, here’s a guide for you. With the launch of our Luxury Winter collection, we took the outfits for a road test: spending a day treating ourselves (it’s nearly Christmas after all!) to our favourite bits of ‘posh London’. Belt up your Cycling Trenchcoat (or Mac), throw on a Silk Scarf and pedal into town for a very luxurious Vulpine day out in London.

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