By Nick Hussey, 21 March 2013 | Comments (1)

Hannah Walker Matrix Racing Academy

Everyone dreams of being part of a top racing team don't they? Don't they? Vulpine are part of Matrix Fitness Racing Academy women's team.

Why would we be involved if we don't sell racing gear? Because we love all cycling and want to encourage it in any way shape or form. And we love great racing. Women's racing is still a difficult and intimidating thing to get into. We want to change that and believe there will be a trickle down effect across all cycling. We want to make cycling a more attractive option for women and show that it is fun as well as damned hard. Plus within the team itself, help Director Sportif Stef Wyman (husband of European cyclocross champ Helen Wyman) to create (yet again) the stars of tomorrow.

So why the images of top young national champion Hannah Walker (protagonist of this major Adidas ad campaign) being made up in Space NK? Well for the launch last week we wanted to show the personalities and lives behind each rider. Each of the team has a very clear and distinct identity and their lives don't end off the road or track. So each racer paired up with a blogger and a photographer and we put the results together for the launch evening at Look Mum No Hands.

It was one of the most forfilling and fun days I've ever had, professionally. And a great laugh. Each of these young women is a determined and charismatic presence.

Support women's racing by going to events and tweeting about it. Contact us if you want to get into cycling or racing and need guidance.

I can't wait to get some images of these riders on the rivet, racing hard. Go Matrix.

See below for the photography from each shoot.

Guy Collier, launch morning:






Nick Hussey, of Hannah Walker:


Andy Whitehouse:



More images to follow soon. Just racking down hi-reses!